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    2. Tow Tests” – we test all trucks to the limit with trailers and 0-60 MPH runs at high altitude.
    3. Often first impressions are the most honest. Our “Mashup Reviews” are just that mashups that compare two (or more) similar or especially different trucks.
    4. “Driven/First Drive video reviews” are a more comprehensive look at the car and represent the driving impressions gathered over a week or several hours spent driving it.
    5. “Video Challenge” is just that; a challenge that is a comparison that pits two of more trucks against each other, or against something fun, unique or unusual and that helps us critique a vehicle in a true and unbiased fashion.
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    1. Does anyone from your youtube team speaks Russian. I’m interested in discussing launch of a youtube channel dedicated to the Russian viewers/market.

        1. Andre, I have just ordered a 2017 Chevy Van with the 2.8l diesel engine. Would really enjoy reading a first review of this vehicle, not so much about the van itself as I have owned two Chevy express vans but how the engine performs and what kind of mileage you obtain during the test drive. Thanks, Sam

        2. Seems odd you guys have never ran a Ram 3500 DWR manual up the hill . Maybe you have and I just can’t find it but if not I think you guys are missing out on what would be an awesome test . There isn’t another vehicle around anymore that can check as many boxes as a 3 pedal 3500 DRW can. What else can seat five comfortably , put all that power to the ground , pull what it can pull, get decent gas mileage , have tons of storage, retain value and give you the satisfaction and reward of having to actually drive it. It would be a Breath of fresh air in this world of automation .

          1. I agree. I am frustrated that full size trucks are no longer offered with manual transmissions with the exception of the Ram HD with a Diesel only. Used to not be that way. Save the manual transmission!!

        3. Great videos with HD work trucks lately. What I want to see next is you guys test half ton, 2WD work trucks with the base V6 only, on Chevy, Ford, and Ram. No ecoboosts, only base V6 naturally aspirated engines on the 3. Do towing tests, gas mileage, and drag race them. Please see if you can do a video or series of videos on that.

        4. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to comment on this properly so I forgot to leave your reply you may see it you may not I don’t know but I have a 1994 Ford F350 7.3 turbo Diesel it is not a power stroke it is an international director inject 2wd five-speed. I was wondering if you guys could test an old 350 versus a new 350 because I think I can Outwork a new 350

        5. Hey Andre, You have consistently gotten ZR2 information before anyone else out there so here’s something new. I’m a pilot (bored on a layover in Hong Kong). I’m getting fragmented info on two new special editions of the ZR2. A Midnight and a Dusk edition that aren’t showing up on the Chevy website. I figured if anyone had an early scoop, it would be you. Thanks. Take care.


      1. Enjoying your reviews of heavy duty trucks going up the Ike. Like to see all of you get CDLs so you can do the test. have you thought about doing a truck driving school and filming it. You could do a special on how to get a CDL for those who need it.

    2. Hi Andre,
      when I started viewing TFL some one called Roman seemed to be in charge , now Andre does all the info, blogs videos and news posts, I havn’t seen him for ages, have you been promoted or just taken over ? It’s a shame we in England can’t get all the full size trucks you have, I thing the Ram 1500 with the eco diesel engine would find a market here. Keep up the good work.

      1. HI Ian,

        Thanks for contacting us and thank you for your support. Roman is still the CEO and the Executive Producer at TFLcar and TFLtruck. I am the Managing Editor, Video Producer, and Host at TFLtruck.com. You will continue to see all of us: Roman, Nathan, Mr Truck, Brian, and I throughout all TFL videos and written pieces.

        Andre – TFLtruck.com

        1. Andre can yall give us more updates on the new HD silverados sierras due to be built October 16th and the duallies October 24th. We know that the scoop is a definate per gm but everything else us hush hush. Also the 2017 silverado 1500 will be coming with new goodies and a new color as well as gm is integrating the teen technology into its entire line up by next two years. But any more information yall get will help me decide what options I’m wanting to get by September when I can preorder my duramax silverado hd. Thanks

          1. We will try to get more information ASAP. You will know as soon as we know. We will publish new information to our website.

            Andre – TFLtruck.com

    3. Just wanted to say quick that I enjoy your videos, the hosts are great the editing of the videos is very slick and improving constantly.Alway enjoy the off road ones the most. One thing I would like to see more of is when comparing awd vs 4×4 or just showing different terrain management systems that the vehicles were both on the same rubber. In a lot of videos the poor performance of some is directly attributed to wrong tires it would be nice for certain videos if there was one standard rubber you guys ran on all the trucks. Anyway keep up the good work.

      Cheers from a fan in canada

      1. Thank you Kris! Yes, we will focus on matching the tires in future reviews. This is not easy for us to do, as most of these vehicles are from manufacturer fleets.

        Andre – TFLtruck.com

    4. Hey hows it going guys, I just ran into your guys TFL youtube videos and I love them. I just recently bought a 2016 GMC Canyon V6 SLE and I wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I know you did the review on the Chevy Colorado which almost virtually the same truck. I just wanted to see what you guys thought of the GMC being more luxury or Off road cable.

      1. Hey guys … love TFL… you guys keep it real,thanks question ….just watched the mash up on raptor vrs. silverado. Why not raptor versus HD silverado. Huh…or 5.0 ford truck vs 6.2 gm.? 2017. Or base mdl mashup ..thanks again you guy are doing a great show.

    5. Hey Guys love the TFL video reviews. Need some expert advice. I really like the Ram 2500, not fond of the 3500 Duallies. I’m looking to buy a Tesla 3970 Toyhauler that weighs 15,080 dry. Will a 2500 tow this safely?

    6. Hey guys, I love your reviews I would appreciate if you have tested the system and 4×4 without rear differential lock. With the rear diff lock and little skills It can handle everyone. thank you

    7. Hey TFL. Keep the great trucknewz coming. I was wondering if you you could cross categories of full and mid size trucks to compare v6 efficiency in tacoma, and the ram 3.6. To hash out whether or not I should go for a mid-size, with a healthy v6, or a full size with one of the newer effiecient v6 engines, particularly the pentastar. Trying to keep a few extra dollars in my pocket at the gas tank, but want the comfort of full size truck to fit in the kids, dogs, and camping gear etc.


    8. Here’s and idea for you to look into since you guys do allot with 4runners. Iv got a 2012 4Runner limited 4.0v6 with 80k miles and a 2015 Trd pro 4Runner 4.0v6 with 20k… exact same motors. The problem is the 2012 will blow the doors off the 2015 and I don’t know why. Did Toyota de-tune them? Maybe it’s just one motor is more broke in? The 2012 felt like it all of a sudden came to life at 50k miles.

    9. When are you going to do the Ike Gauntlet with the 2016 Ford F-350 Dually? I saw the video for the Ram and Chevy, but am looking forward to the Ford and how it performs against the other two.

    10. Hello,
      Love watching the cliffhanger videos. I am an native of Colorado and am interested in the trails that you guys have run on. Can you please lost the trail names or locations so I can explore the trails in real life.
      Thanks, Ben Frommelt

    11. My compliments on your “2016 FORD F-150 W/ 3.5L ECOBOOST V6 TAKES ON THE TOWING MPG TEST WITH 7,000 LBS”
      video and article. I’ve always appreciated adding MPG to your Ike gauntlets and the dedicated 100 mile towing loop. It would seem to me that a MPG review without towing anything would be very valuable given that most trucks are not towing anything the majority of the time. Would this be possible? Thanks again for a great site.

      1. Thanks Frank! We did not do an empty 100-mile MPG test this time because our previous results are remarkably close to EPA highway MPG estimates. However, we will do empty MPG tests for HD trucks and other trucks whenever we have extra resources.


      1. Hello Michael,
        One way is – you can submit a writing sample to us. How about you review your own truck “owner’s perspective”? Take a few good pictures of your truck to add to the story. If we like your writing style and pictures, we can publish it. Perhaps, it can go somewhere.

    12. I’ve caught this test mule truck with a “Foton” badge, as well as a “Cummins” badge, operating in Indianapolis, IN. There are multiple Cummins Facilities in Indianapolis, if you email myself back @ – flsavage92@gmail.com I can send pictures.
      Thx – Danny

    13. Hey guys love your YouTube channels I watch every video uou upload and I got some ideas for future episodes like. Top 20 trucks of all time. Or top 10 rarest models of trucks. And maybe some videos on budget ways to make your truck more off road worthy. I would love to see more vids on budget stuff like parts and accesseries

    14. Hi. I’ve looked all around and haven’t seen this and think you’d do an amazing job on a video mash up of the same truck but their gas and diesel version, doing towing, off roading, Ike and sharing with us when it’s worth getting diesel and when it’s better to stay with gas. Keeping in mind cost of acquisition and ownership.

      I’m looking at getting a wrangler or f150 and want to know if diesel is worth waiting for.

      Thanks guys, you do an awesome job and love the fair and honest reviews.

    15. Love the Ike Gauntlet but would it be possible to try and add a different real world downscale test? Lets take the 3/4 and 1 ton diesels and test them with the max 1/2 ton and the max 3/4 ton gas test, and see how they perform. I’ll bet most people are going to tow down rather than up. For example it would be nice to see how a 2500 HD Ram Cummins tows a 7000 lb trailer in comparison to any of the 1/2 tons. Likewise look at comparing the HD 3/4 ton gas max tow with a Diesel.

    16. With regard to Growth Rates of the five mid-size pickup trucks, I plotted those data, and the established RMS lines through their sales history in 2016.
      To date, those slopes (units per month ) are:


    17. Have you guys been having problems with your website? I haven’t been able to see the current page for the past two weeks unless I’m looking on my iPad or iPhone. My mac and 2 computers at work keep loading the page w/ the Raptor/Ram drag race.

        1. Hi, I’ve had the same problem since I upgraded 2 computers to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. No new stories show up since then using either Chrome or Edge. A non-updated Windows 10, Windows 7, and 2 Androids work fine. I blamed Microsoft but since Shrekviper1 has an issue on a MAC maybe there’s a setting or flag in your site that’s preventing some refreshes? I’m not a web guy. I need my daily TFL fix!

            1. Hi Brian,

              We think there is also a caching problem on the server side. Thank for you letting us know. We are fixing it.


    18. I know you guys are busy but would it be possible to do towing/off road reviews of base engine mid-size trucks? Instead of the biggest and baddest maybe some of the 4 cylinder trucks which are a little cheaper.

    19. Just wondering? Do you ever do a follow up on the off road tests, to see which trucks get say, wheel alignment out of true, bent??, etc? What trucks survive with no damage to anything, vs– After doing some of those one tire on the ground articulation tests, seems like time at the shop would be the order of the day. Thank you for your time,

    20. Since you guys are checking out the Ridgeline, have you noticed or heard about how the vehicle hesitates when you try to give it gas when you are turning. I haven’t heard about it in the AWD systems, but I’ve heard from a couple of places that this is a problem in the Front Wheel Drive ones. I didn’t know if y’all have tested the front wheel drive so I was curious. Y’all have a good one!!

    21. Hey guys, enjoy to work you are doing here. I’m a current owner of a 2001 One-Ton Duramax. Love it, but don’t use it like I use too.

      I would like to know if you could do a progressive diesel Mash-Up: Colorado Baby Duramax, RAM EcoDiesel, Nissan Cummins XD, Ford F-250 6.7L PowerStroke.

      I remember the launch of the Colorado, it was towing a Corvette so I trust it can do everything I need my truck to do now a days, but how does the MPG, handeling, and speed compare to the other diesels in this mixed group?

      Thanks for the videos, keep em roll’n.

    22. I currently own a 2012 Ram Powerwagon with around 40000 miles and I’m curious why my trucks towing numbers are so much lower than a similarly equipped Ram 2500 SLT. I have studied the specs on both trucks and I can only see justification for part of this. Both trucks have the same engine and transmission but the SLT has 4.10 gears where my truck has 4.56. The powerwagon is 312 pounds heavier (6653 vs 6341) and the front axle is Rated for 700 lbs less than the SLT (4500 vs 5200) but the max tow rating is 3300 lbs less (10200 vs 13500). Max Payload is also 600 lbs less (1860 vs 2460) but that can partially be explained by the extra weight and the lighter front GAWR. I know payload also factors into max towing but even with the required extra 330lbs of tongue weight the Powerwagon still has 510lbs of payload available which exceeds the combined weight of my family of 4.

      This is mostly just out of curiosity, as I am not looking to tow at the limit by any means, in fact I never want to exceed 75% of the recommended max so I don’t over work the truck. With that in mind, theoretically if from a towing perspective they are mechanically the same, then running at max capacity for the Powerwagon is still only running at approximately 75% of what the drivetrain can handle. Basically, do you think the Powerwagon already has my 25% safety margin built in? I have been looking at some trailers with gvwr pushing 10000lbs and I’m wondering if it’s too much for my truck.

    23. I have noticed you have switched the type of weight distributing hitch you use. I was seriously considering purchasing the Andersen system you used since Kent spoke highly of it. This hitch system seems to be simple but effective and appears to be more manageable for someone with back problems to setup. Was there a problem with the system? Was it a sponsorship deal?

      1. Hello Don,

        The Andersen WDH system is a good one and it worked very well for us. However, we got a sponsorship/partnership with GenY Hitch, and switched to using their hitches.


    24. I want to see the 2017 Ram 2500 PowerWagon against the 2017 Ford Raptor in an all battle for the most capable off road truck challange. It doesnt matter if the size or power are off. Off road is Off road, and it doesn’t matter how much power or size it has.

    25. Gentlemen. I really enjoy your work there at The Fast Lane Truck. Best info on the Internet. Hope you can help me.
      Any word on when Nissan is going to introduce us to the new Frontier? Will it be a 2018 model? Or is it coming even later than that? I love the current Nissan Frontier…debating whether to buy the current model, or wait for the new one. Any insight of info that you might have would be appreciated. Thanks.

    26. Gents … as a Texan, I wanted to tell you that the King Ranch brand (that’s actually what it is … the cattle on the King Ranch all carry that brand) is called a RUNNING W. You guys all call it a FLYING W. Just wanted to set the record straight. BTW … love what you do with HD trucks.

    27. Love the vids. Favorites are the towing and MPG runs. You guys are all over it. Great Job! I need you HELP,HELP,HELP. Love everything about the 2014 6.4 Hemi 2500. I want to buy one but cannot/won’t based on the way it did those 2 runs up the IKE with the 2014 2500. The 2016 Power Wagon flew up the IKE like I expected the 2014 to do? Same motor and trans. So what gives? You think it is a tuning issue or possibly a PCM re-flash issue? Anyway you can ask your Dodge contacts? Or send me a contact name. I would VERY MUCH like to know the answer. If I could get the 2014 2500 model to pull like 2016 Power Wagon did up the IKE I would for sure buy one! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You.

    28. Just an FYI, I live in Breckenridge and in the skier parking lot by the gondola is a Ford f150 that sure sounds like a diesel engine. It has the entire front end and the rear corner/taillights masked. They are doing testing of some sort and as soon as I pulled into the lot they drove to the opposite end to continue doing whatever they are doing.

    29. Can you guys do a mashup with the ram 2500 like you did with the Titan XD, HD gas vs diesel? Same trailer same distance. That was awesome and really compared apples to apples on the same truck. The ike gauntlet always puts a MUCH heavier trailer on the diesel 2500. I am interested to see what sort of MPG the RAM 2500 gas would get compared to the diesel.

    30. Hello Andre:
      I was wondering if TFL got my email about my research paper. Today I started my bibliography and listed your site and Mr. Truck’s site as my first two sources. It is a paper that is well within TFL’s scope of topics, and I would appreciate any tips for research, reviews, and sources. Thanks, John P.S. I also have another email that will work if my school email doesn’t work for replies. john.rieke@gmail.com

    31. Is the automatic transmission rpm hold feature on the Ram 6.4 also on the 5.7 2500? I also would like TFL truck to tell what the lowest gear you or in at the top of the Ike gauntlet.

    32. What your thoughts on the Ford 5.7 and the Ram 6.4? I’m taking your advice and not getting the diesel because I don’t need to pull 16,000 lbs + of weight. I do need the payload for the F350 or Ram 3500 SRW. What are the pros and cons of each? I’m currently looking at the 2017’s. F350 and Ram Mage Cab 3500.

    33. hello my name is Ian Wilson and I am wanting to know when you will take the 2017 ford f 250 power stroke and the 2017 f 350 power stroke up the IKE gauntlet. And if you will do the super ike on both of those trucks.

    34. Andre here is a rather puzzling question which for the life of me do not understand the delay.Why at the Texas State fair the people from GM stated “we will have the revised bed payload and towing limits for the 2500/3500 HD in the fall of this year.Here we are in November and have seem any information from GM.Do you know anything about the delay,I mean ordering has to have already started.

    35. Hey guys,

      Big fan of your show. I am on the market for a Ram 3500 Tradesman srw 4×4. I prefer an 8-cylinder gas engine, the 5.7 Hemi is standard, a 6.4 Hemi is optional. The engines make pretty similar power, the 6.4 is bit more expensive, $1300 or so. The truck will be driven about 10k miles a year, but it will be used hard and I like to keep a vehicle for 10-12 years. What do you think of this option? Any experience with this engine? Will it be a more durable/trouble-free?

      Dan in Huntington Beach

    36. Hi! I am a big fan of yours, I think your reviews are based on a day by day life of a truck and the people who are looking for a truck it gets a big push on their decision by yours show on you tube.!

    37. I am currently in the market for a pickup. My issue is, with all the past problems lingering on things like the Ram’s transmissions, Chevy’s safety lawsuit, etc., and with new changes in so many vehicles like Ford’s Electronic Assisted Power Steering, what can I trust to be reliable beyond the warrantee? Please help. Everyone else I ask is extremely biased on this matter. Every half-ton suits my needs, but I feel like I need to go with a heavy duty for some semblance of reliability, which is more truck than I need.

    38. Is there any way you can test the gmc sierra with 5.3 3.42 rear vs 3.73 would love to see the real world difference axle ratio makes. Also the engine makes alot more hp on e85 was wondering how hard this impacts mpg performance etc.

    39. Gday Guys,
      I have watched your program from OZ over the last few years. Trucks (utes) and cars have always been an interest of mine ever since I was a kid.
      Would you be interested in an Aussies point of view now that I have moved to Denver with my American wife and young son?
      If there is an opportunity to join the team I’d love to hear from you.

    40. As a recent buyer of a brand new pickup; something really got my attention that is a real issue in the market, because I ended up not being able to get the truck I wanted; it has to do with pricing and limiting of power train strategies by the manufacturers, most especially General Motors, and so I’d like to see you guys point out this issue whenever reviewing trucks. GM especially should be called out for coming out with power trains that are severely limiting to only very high-end trims and largest, most expensive configurations.

      When the Colorado/Canyon came out in 2015 and announced that there would be a four cylinder diesel the next model year, I waited another year for a pickup, because that’s the truck I wanted. Keep in mind, this truck was listed starting at just under $21K MSRP. I’m a huge diesel fanatic, and so I’m well aware of the cost hurdles to design and market a clean diesel in the U.S.; so I would not have been surprised if the cheapest Duramax 2.8 had come in at or about $27K-28K, but the General not only holds this power train out of the hands of many due to the starting price at or about $36K, but they also hold it out to those who will accept a certain configuration and appointed as a dedicated towing vehicle. Did anyone else notice besides me that it cost $14K extra to get a Colorado/Canyon diesel as compared to the base price of that truck? I also found near the same dilemma in a Ram 1500 where the cheapest I can configure an Ecodiesel online is at or about $38000 after applying an average incentive versus a Ram 1500 starting price just under $27K. But it goes beyond diesel power trains with respect to General Motors. GM advertises a 6.2 liter V8 with it’s Silverado/Sierra 1500 line that starts just over $27K, but the cheapest 6.2 Liter, according to their own build and price webpages is around $42,700 after the current $2500 cash back. Now compare this to what Ford and Ram offer in their most capable power trains. The new 2017 Ford F150 with the 3.5 Liter 10 speed, which can be configured online, adding only an 8′ box to the base truck comes up to at or about $29,670 currently. That’s a $13,070 difference between F150s cheapest 470 peak torque truck and GMs cheapest most capable truck. Ram also offers their Hemi in any trim and any configuration at just under $29K at least according to their website.

      What sense is their comparing these top-performing power trains when one manufacturer holds theirs out to only the rich and famous and so few pickup truck drivers actually own GMs top-billed, bragged-about power train!

      I gave up, went over to Ford’s website, because I was now considering the new, little 2.7 Liter in an F150. I was plesantly surprised to find that Ford would let me build and price any truck and add that engine for $800. I went to my local dealer and found the same thing. I got almost exactly what I wanted from Ford in an F150; an std cab, 2wd, short bed,

    41. First I really enjoy all of your videos I have a 2015 Chevy Colorado Z71 crew myself and I think that I have watched every video you ever made on it have any of you had issues of the transmission not shifting correctly I have returned it to the service dept 5 times they have tried to reprogram it and it still does the same thing and sad to say GM has said they have nothing else that they can do to it it’s still under three-year 36,000 mile warranty and I do not know what else to do besides trading it all sad thing is I really really like this truck except for the transmission any ideas what I could do to fix it !
      And also how long until you will be testing ZR2
      I’m really looking forward to it I even looked daily to see if you got a new Videos out well thanks for listening and once again I love your show and agree with you about the air dam in the Colorados .

    42. I am thirsting for information on the 2017 F-150 w/ Gen 2 3.5 EcoBoost engine and 10 speed transmission. Is there production for other than the Raptor? What was the production problem for which 15,000 were held back at the factory for retrofit? Are there reliability problems with the engine or the transmission?

    43. Why have we not seen a hd offroad shootout you tested a powerwagon Andre’s 02 duramax but no F250’s,. Its closer to powerwagon with solid front axles and E-locking rear diff than duramax but would make good test put same tires on all trucks and let the trucks do the work

    44. Hey guys, if you would like to do a bit on my restored 1978 Toyota FJ40 LandCruiser you should consider contacting me. I live nearby in Cheyenne Wyoming. My father recently passed away and gave it to me. Would like to share with others.

    45. I am considering my first diesel truck and am looking at the Ram HD Crew or Maegacab with a Cummins. If I go up to a 3500 (not dually) in order to get the better transmission how much fuel economy and ride quality do I sacrifice in every day non-towing driving? P.S.- Love your YT channel! Thanks for what you guys do!

    46. I am trying to make a decision on a few different Trucks and SUVS. If I go the SUV route which would you recommend? The factors I am considering are overall price, towing, technology, and reliability. I am between the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and the 4Runner TRD PRO. I am a Toyota fan but Jeep has a nice looking vehicle with alot more for tech and towing for similar money. If I go the truck route I think I have narrowed it down to the Tacoma TRD Pro and the Chevy Colorado ZR2 (haven’t decided on diesel or gas yet) unless the new Nissan puts out a truck to consider. Since you guys have tested/see all of these vehicles is there one in each category you would recommend?

    47. I was very surprised at the 2015 Ram 2500 Cummins. Any chance you guys could do a 3 way test of this for the 2017 2500 HD trucks with the new engine outputs from GM & Ford. Just curious to see what the outcome would be, as I am about to buy one!

    48. Andre uses an OBD II uint on the Ike Gauntlet which links to his phone. I am interested in purchasinga similar unit and would like to know which make and model you use and why you choose it. There are a large number of these on the market and so I am looking for advice as to which one to purchase

    49. Have you considered investigating the issues the 2015 -2017 Ford F150 is having with doors freezing? This is a severe safety issue as the doors won’t latch shut. Customers are getting no relief from the issued TSB. Could TFL Truck help to bring attention to this issue?

    50. Hey Guys, I love the channel find my self watching all the time.
      Wondering if you guys knew or would know how to find out about car washes using recycled water in the washes. I live in Canada and i am very hesitant of washing the salt of my truck in the winter in fear of pressure washing it with the recycled salt water.Do you guys have any insight on this?

    51. Hi,
      love the website,very entertaining and informative. I really enjoy the Big Green
      project, cool to see one of the old square body chevys.
      Speaking of older trucks: I think it would be really cool to see you guys
      do mash up tests with todays trucks vs
      some of the old performance trucks like
      the chevy 454ss and 1st gen and or 2nd generation ford lightning, even a dodge ram ss/t would be fun to see( even though
      I think this truck was more of a decal package than performance model).
      A mash up with a gmc syclone would be great fun for embarrassing the new trucks
      in the 0 to 60.
      Just a thought,

    52. You guys sometimes do “mashup” reviews and I have a suggestion for one. Compare a Ram 1500 4X4 with the 5.7L engine to a Ram 2500 4X4 with the 5.7L engine. If you go to Ram’s website and build each equipped similarly, you’ll find the prices almost identical. Also, the 2500 with the 5.7 only has a 9000 GVWR, so ride quality should be closer to the 1500 model than the other 2500’s with the 10,000 GVWR. I would be interested in how they compare towing the same trailer, how they each handle Gold Mine Hill, and how they drive. Thank you.

      1. Actually, now that I think about it, why not compare the Ram 2500 5.7 against the Nissan Titan XD gas. Their specs are very similar. You could add in the F150 and Chevy 1500 with “max tow” and “max payload” packages, as their GVWRs, payloads, and tow ratings are relatively close.

    53. Hey I want to buy truck I’m thinking of getting Toyota Tacoma trd off-road or Toyota Tacoma trd pro and I want to know what truck is the best for daily driver and little of off-road in the week ends or should I just get 4Runner.

    54. Any comments on the new 3.5 ecoboost F150 with 10 speed getting 10 brake applications compared to the V8 6 speed with only 3. Is that a concern that the new one compared so poorly. With that new trans , sure seems it do well.

    55. how about you all do a ike gaunlet run with the big 3 but V6 versions of the their trucks. these trucks are more in the price ranges most folks can afford, not the $55k trucks you all generally use to test with.

    56. Do all these new high gear trucks have semi auto, or sequential gear boxes? In reference to grade breaking; I have always heard that if your transmissions has to search for gears then it will heat up which could cause damage to the transmission. So during down hill towing I know you guys are testing the ect’s and there tow hall modes but, would manually down shifting or up shifting gears to meter your speed cause a heating issues within the transmission? Also when you do your excelleration test would sequential shifting increase your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times?

      1. Good question, Ive been watching the gauntlet videos with a lot of interest on the downhill portion. I was surprised that the new F150 10 speed did poorly with down shifting while in tow/haul mode. They had to brake 10 times. So it didn’t seem to down shift much or well. One of the worst. The F150 V8 6 speed only had 3 braking. So the 6 speed did a better job. So i had ask a few times if they were able to question Ford about it. But I’ve haven’t heard back. They talk about using manual mode to force shift both on uphill to get RPM’s up going up but the test always leaves the transmission in auto. I assume the transmission would have held truck speed down if they would have used manual shifting some. But then like you ask, does that cause heating it up. Could be an issue on a long downhill. As does hitting the brakes all the time.

    57. Wow guys I’m really impressed! I’ve been watching your reviews for about six years now and it’s amazing how much this channel has grown! I first discovered you guys when I was 13 back in 2010 when the Ford Raptor first came out. The first video of yours that I watched was “Top Ten things not to do with a Ford F-150 Raptor” (I’m a huge Raptor fan boy!). Anyways the reason I’m writing this is because I can tell that you all are a great group of people at TFL, you guys have a lot of honesty and integrity. I know you guys don’t really share all that much about your personal lives on the channel, as that’s not what it’s all about, however, I’ve always been curious about how and why you guys got started. Would you ever consider making a video on the channel about your history? Perhaps a montage of all your favorite memories? You guys just seem like such a close-knit family! You guys are awesome! Keep up the hard work! P.S I know there’s a lot of people who can be very rude on the internet leaving nasty comments and the like, but just remember most us love and enjoy what you do, you are of the best caliber of Automotive Journalists!

    58. When are you goin to test the 2017 chevy or gmc 3500 in the toeing test for the ike your previous videos said could not release info until Feb 15 I’m still waitin ready to see what the l5p does in real world

    59. Have you ever considered hiring someone to answer any of the questions people bother writing? See lots of people write and ask good questions but never a reply. Seems useless. Maybe contact us should just say leave a comment, not a question. Great videos thou.

    60. Are there videos uploaded about the off road performance of a 2017 GMC Sierra all terrain ? Or match up? I recently bought 1 but I would like to see it in action (snow , gold mine hill, etc)..

    61. I have watched many of your You Tube reviews and believe they are the best truck reviews available. I agree, in general, a mid size truck should not tow an 8 foot wide RV trailer. I have have had many RV’s over the years. I am interested in the GMC Canyon Diesel short bed. While I would like the Artic Fox 22G (8′ wide) from Northwood Mfg. I would probably settle for the Travel Lite Idea i19QBH 2.0 (7′ wide) 3310 lbs dry. On your You Tube video’s, it would help to mention the truck bed length and trailer width. Especially on the Ike Gauntlet. Thanks. And, any comments on my truck / RV suggestion would be appreciated.

    62. My family owns a HVAC/R company and we would like your opinion on which van is best for the money? Considering one that we could stand up in and we are in PA which does have mountains and snow.

    63. Gentlemen,
      I like your reviews and like many others I am a truck lover. But in a practical sense I need an SUV. An SUV that can tow. A body on frame SUV. How about reviewing this group? I have heard that the new large SUV (2018) from Ford may be rated for a 10,000 lb trailer. FYI: I am now looking at the Nissan Armada.
      Thanks, Ed

    64. Need a video shootout! Land Rover Discovery Sport vs GMC Acadia All-Terrain vs Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Grocery getting to off-road … which is best?

    65. I can’t decide if the F-450 is worth it. How about a F-350 / F-450 IKE with the same load. Run a big Toyhauler up the hill. Is the 4.30 quicker than the 4.10 for the “average” consumer?

    66. Hey Nathan, drop the team oriented apparel you wear. You might be a diehard fan, but certain areas of the midwest and east coast take immediate offense to your team allegiance. Don’t be a tone deaf pillock by ignoring your national audience. Pittsburgh represents a team various other NFL regions dislike greatly. Why immedialtly discount one of your central commentators voice by allowing personal but controversial views? Just tell Nathan to drop the jersey.
      BTW I love TFL Truck and Car

    67. Love the show you guys but I have one problem with your scoring system on the 2017 Ike Gauntlet Reviews. You continue to use the same 9000lbs trailer but you do not appear to be testing trucks rated for that weight. Instead, for a recent test, you get the F-150 with the max towing package making the truck capable of towing 2500lbs more than the trailer and many of the other test vehicles. This does not make it apples to apples as you claim. You either need to fit the trailer to the maximum capacity of the vehicle or; another suggestion that I would make would be to; add another level of scoring that would take the tested vehicle capability into account. For example, if the truck is rated for ~9000lbs, it would get a perfect score (25/25). But in the case of the F-150 test, the truck would receive 19.5 as it is only towing 78% of its capacity. This way you would not need to retest any previous runs. Without this, it still makes for an entertaining watch but the scores don’t mean anything. Especially when your subjective score will favor the trucks that labor less when towing. Thanks and keep up the awesome reviews!

    68. If a truck is designed for 22,500lbs have an advantage over a Truck designed to pull 30,000lbs or 40,000lbs when the test is only for 22,500lbs. Common sense says yes. Gears and drive trains have to be engineered differently. Your 2017 HD Truck test not apples to apples.

    69. Huge Fan: Question-I’m thinking about ordering a basic Raptor (800A) package but likely have to wait until 2018 as most dealers are at or near their quotas for 2017. A lot of discussion on the forums points to the fact that the front Torsen Differential is now a $500 option however, when you look at the individual packages (802A, 801A and even 800A), it shows the Torsen is included for the front. What Gives? Can you contact Ford on this question? Why should I click this $500 box if it’s included on all the packages??? Thanks Guys for all that you do! Loved the Dirt Drag Race though the results were predictable………..

    70. In your hd diesel mpg test, how do you account for dpf regen? This could easily cause 1 truck to consume considerably more fuel. If the truck just finished regen, it will be at peak mpg, if it is almost ready, mpg will be poorer, and when in regen it is typically awful. Same question regarding operating temp. If the ram was warmed up before the test it will outperform as compared to starting the chevy cold. I notice you do not use a winterfront, so warm up can take several miles. Your 98 mile test really needsto be longer to get an accurate reading of real world mpg that comprehends fully warmed up and impact of dpf cleaning

      1. Tom, other things account for MPG too. The 100 mile loop is an OK test but obviously the TFL crew don’t have the time and maybe the cash flow to perform a full tank mpg test. Technically 2 tanks are needed for an accurate test. With diesels DEF consumption should also be measured. The Cummins has been using almost 3 times the DEF as Ford and GM. Ford and GM will use more EGR to control NOX while Cummins decides to use more DEF. EGR will reduce performance and economy but you need much less DEF. Our current diesels are so restricted now it’s not funny.

    71. Scattered about the stories on the 1-ton dualy PU’s I’ve noticed that the rear end ratio of the FT-350 is given as 4.10 : 1. It is my understanding that this particular ratio is not available from Ford on any of the SD PU. I thought that Ford may have supplied an optional rear end ratio for these test. However, when you showed the RPM of all three trucks moving at 70 MPH, the RAM (4.10) tached at 2000 rpm. The Ford tached at something above 2100 rpm. Using this data allowed the calculation of 4.30 for the Ford PU. This ratio is available from Ford. It was this last info that motivated me to comment and question. Is the Ford’s rear end ratio really 4.10 and the tire diameter smaller than the Ram’s to cause the difference in RPM at 70 or is the Ford running with a 4.30 rear end ratio?

    72. I was hoping the Ford F250 Super Duty 6.2L V8 would get a chance at the Ike soon.

      Also I would like to know, with the gas HD trucks struggling up the Ike. If you altered your approach of just wide open throttle and manually adjusted shift points etc, how much does their time up the Ike improve, and does it make it a more viable option than their score would suggest?

    73. Hello JJ,
      My source of information has no F-350 available with the 4.10. In fact, the 4.10 ratio is not available on any of the SD PU’s. The 4.30 is available on the F-350 so long as the dually, 4-wheel drive model is purchased. Also, 3.55 is not listed among the ratios available for the dually F-350 although the 3.73 is.

    74. I am a solid lover of the duramax line of trucks but do not want to live with one everyday due to the amount of driving for work. We have been wanting to invest in a light weight fifth wheel and were really hoping that the Tundra would get a small reliable diesel with power ratings near 340ish horsepower and 550ish torques. To me that would feel a good nitch in the market but was disappointed to see them do nothing new with their low fuel economy engines. QUESTION: Have y’all heard any “legitimate” claims or “notions” and mid sized diesel coming into the Tundra? Toyota and Chevy are the only two companies that the transmission specialist and mechanics throughout my family seem to recommend these days for durability. (Since they work on them for a living I tend to give their opinions a lot of clout). But would welcome yours as well.

    75. I hope the gov. Does not kill the lite diesel trucks. I have a 2015 Ram Eco. 4×4..I drive 45k+/yr…Haul lite loads, pull 20ft. Boat…No problem, great milage. At worse, better than best on last 2×4 Hemi just like it. 28 Hwy/ 23 all around are real numbers.

    76. Could please put a spreadsheet on your website showing all the results going toward your golden hitch award? I would like to all the ike gaunlet results (braking events, time up, mpg up, subject rating, and total points), mpg on the 98 mile loop, and 0-60 time for each tested truck all in one place as a spread sheet or a chart. It would be great if you could include all the results over the years.

    77. Hey Roman, Nathan, & Andre! Love to reviews and have been a big fan for several years. The wife and I are stationed in Germany and so just wanted to let you know if there’s anything over here across the pond that you guys would like as far as pictures just let me know what to keep my eyes peeled for. Same thing for vehicles on the autobahn!!! I’m very interested in the new ZR2 Colorado and as of right now plan on purchasing the diesel version over the Tacoma for utility, MPG, and towing. We leave in 2019, we’ll see if my mind changes… thanks again for the honesty in your reviews.

    78. Roman and Andre, on the hd diesel dyno battle episode you just released, the hp looked right but the Chevy’s torque was low. That is because rear end gear ratio changes torque output on a chassis dyno. (Not hp) Gears are multipliers of torque. 3.73 vs 4.10 is about 10% difference less 1.7% for drivetrain efficiency gives the chevy 835 lb-ft. Borrow some tires 10% smaller in diameter rerun the dyno and see the difference.

    79. Hey guys, just wondering how we get you to review our products? We are a manufacturer of locking under seat storage products for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Toyota and Ram Trucks. Was turned onto this site by a friend of mine.

      1. Hi, guys, just wondering when you are going to take the new Raptor up Gold Mine Hill or Cliffhanger 2.0? Or do an off-road high-speed race with the new Raptor and the old Raptor?

    80. Hi, guys, I have 2003 GMC 3500 HD and it’s for sale.and I have Raptor 425TS toy hauler.am going to get a new truck and money is not an object.which truck I get.

    81. I am still struggling with engine choice in the 2017 F150. 5.0 or 3.5 ecoboost. It appears from your reviews that the ecoboost is ahead of the v8 in towing,0-60 and mpg. Please tell me something to feel more confident in leaving the world of v8’s for a 3.5 ecoboost! The numbers seem to say I would be foolish to not go ecoboost. Why would I still buy the 5.0 v8?

      1. It seems that many people living with these engines day to day are finding a lot of hype in the 3.5 Eco’s mpg claims, and truck for truck the 5.0 actually gets better mpg.
        As far as seat of the pants feel and actual power numbers, the Eco trumps the 5.0.
        So if you’re looking for the best option for power and towing, go with the 3.5 eco.
        If you want good ole american V8 rumble then the 5.0 is the obvious answer.
        If mpg is your main concern, I actually think the 2.7 eco is your best bet. I am hearing real world “stories” of folks getting 30mpg out of them. And they are pretty quick too. The down side is they aren’t rated to tow as much as the 5.0 and 3.5 eco.

    82. Has anyone else commented about not receiving update emails? I have not gotten a single email from either TFL page (car or truck) The entire month of March. I tried to put my email address into the subscription field and it tells me “oops, you’re already subscribed”

    83. I have heard rumors about the 2018 Ford Raptor having a 5.0 ecoboost motor in it. I feel like this is a lot better than having a V6 in the Raptor. Is this true or just a stray rumor?

    84. Well first off, love your YouTube channel and I am actually using your videos to research the truck market. Second I was hoping you guys could compile your 2017 data on your website. Specifically your 2017 2500 (3/4t) Ike gauntlet. Possibly even a base model shootout that looks at capabilities and mpg. Even different trim levels and value. (Basically a mid level shootout). Anyways I know I have more. Thanks for all you do.

    85. hey guys at TFLTRUCK I ordered 3 shirts a while back and I was just wondering when they’ll arrive. I tried looking up an order # but cant seem to figure it out, can you help me out. THANKS


    86. Hey guys. Thank you for the interesting videos. I just saw the one with the 2017 Ram Power Wagon on the Gold Mine Hill. I really like the Ram. I was wondering if the power wagon will be available with electronic transfer case (4H, 4L). Do you have any information ? I really do not like the open space down there with the manual shifter. Thank you in advance for your information.

    87. You guys have said over and over again that you can’t get a 4.30 gear ratio in any truck aside from a Tundra. You can order an F250/350 with a 4.30 axle ratio.

      Obviously you can get one in a class 5 truck…


    88. I would love to see a video or article on the upcoming new Subaru Ascent SUV! I know there isn’t much info on it, but anything would be great. Hope to see it soon. Thanks for all the coverage!

    89. Was wondering if you guys could do an e85 halfton shootout if gas prices start to hit high numbers again having a flex fuel truck maybe more important and it would be nice to see how they all perform on it.

    90. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos and reviews, especially on the trucks! Actually I’m extremely jealous of what you guys do, and where you live. What a great effort it must take in keeping in contact with these manufacturers, and then the countless hours of travel, filming, and editing. You truly give an honest view in a pleasant way with no vulgarity. GREAT JOB GUYS. What a beautiful part of the country. I hope to be there some day. Please keep it up.

    91. I just ordered your book “Truck Nuts” off Amazon, and it’s very informative and helpful for learning a lot more about trucks, I love it! I wasn’t really exposed to trucks until my dad moved to a rural town in Illinois where almost everyone drives a half-ton pickup, and then my (now ex) girlfriend’s grandpa owns a ’95 F-250, Ford Bronco, and a 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve, and after having spent a lot of time with him around these awesome trucks and learning about trucks at his auto-shop, and even getting behind the wheel of the F-250, it had me fall in love with trucks, and your book and YouTube channel are awesome resources for learning more and building up to the point where I’m ready to buy my first pickup truck, so thank you! I hope you continue making videos and reviews for a long time, and maybe even more books.

    92. I loved your “Final Frontier” series, it was nice to see a more affordable truck reviewed. However, in the spirit of reviewing trucks more accessible to middle class shoppers, I think it would be really interesting if you did a video on something along the lines of “Top 5 or 10 used trucks for under $22,000” or something like that, do a review and comparison of family friendly and work trucks from over the last ten years that are reliable, sturdy, and really financially reasonable for people who only make like 30-50k a year to buy outright or finance. As teachers, I know it would be a stretch for either of my parents to afford even a base model 2017 Nissan Frontier. Still, loving what y’all’re doing and enjoying FTLTruck immensely!

    93. My name is Thomas Scott I really enjoy your show and enjoy your reviews from everyone on your team. This maybe out of the blue but I was wondering if there was a way I could join your team, and work for you. I have a lot of knowledge on working and building vehicles, its a passion of mine. I would like to speak you guys an see if it is at possible.
      Thank you,
      Thomas Scott

    94. I’m curious. With all the trucks you test and have at your disposal, why did Kent buy a 6.2 Ford for towing and why doesn’t Andre want another diesel in the future? I’m happy with my 7.3 excursion and don’t want a new diesel either but I’d like to hear his reasons. In fact I’d like to know what all of you have parked in your driveways at home and why you own them?

    95. Hey guys I enjoy your show. You did a tow test of a Ram 1500 with the pentastar v6. It would be great if you guys could do a more serious run down on that truck. People appear to be getting 20-26mpg and the payload of the tradesman is 1900lbs which is higher than the hemi. With gas prices creating up again I think this combination leaves small import trucks in the dust because of room, towing,payload and mpg for the price. Any just a though. Thanks.
      Dallas OR.

    96. Can TFL Truck do an off-road and on-road comparison between the Power Wagon and AEV Prospector XL? They are awesome trucks and nobody does better Ram videos than TFL!

    97. Hey Guys, You probably know but I’m sending you anyway. I keep and I’m sure others are getting all kinds of Junk Posts trying to get people to link to everything from parts to this crap. So I copy pasted this last one. Hopefully you can figure out how to stop this crap. The other day I had 25 post email for the same buy parts crap. Please let me know if we or I can help with getting this stuff off TFL.
      Thanks , Pete
      See attached below for what keeps coming……

      New post on a forum or topic you are subscribed to at The Fast Lane Truck:

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    98. Please do the Ike Gauntlet with a 2017 Chevy Tahoe 4×4 with the tow package and the 5.3l engine. I am trying to decide between it and a yukon denali with the 6.2l engine. I want to see how much difference there is with towing between the two. I have already seen the run you did with the yukon denali. I just want to see the yukon to compare.

    99. I want to change my jeep wrangler rubicon in the next 6 months, and I was making a lot of research between new power wagon 17 and colorado ZR2, both was diferent trucks but they offer front and rear lockers , if I buy the power wagon i would like to make and upgrade in the suspension with AEV HD dual sport ssuspension with 37s i live in San Diego almost dont need a truck like this but i like hows look, you make a review long time a go about AEV Prospector is really more stiffer in the suspension than stock power wagon?? I know trucks was diferent and of course interior but can ZR2 make same good offroad at same level than the power wagon.
      I almost use my rubicon 6 months a year for hunting in the worst trail here in san diego, i woul like to buy something for use 6 or 8 years, and be my every day car at same time.

      Thank you .

    100. Any chance you guys getting a 6-spd manual Tacoma to do your full test on? Toyota now wanting to give you one? Love to see how it compares against the automatic.

    101. I wish you could do a segment or an idea to do one on the new 10 speed F150 transmission. Like explaining more on the modes like you did in the Raptor. How many gears can you lock out? Can you lock out gears while in tow/haul mode so we can improve that dismal braking events that the 3.5 did with the 10 speed. I think Kent nailed the reason but I hope you all could put out more info on what is the best approach to tow a load downhill with it. Also cant wait to the new V8 with the 10 speed on the Gauntlet to compare but I’m guessing it will have the same problem with trans. Thanks to ya guys.

    102. Have you guys ever thought of challenging a heavy duty truck, perhaps a 2500 or 3500 Dodge Ram with the Cummins engine to go on the off road trails to see how it handles?

    103. I currently work in Vietnam as an ESL teacher will be coming home to the states within the year . Want to live in Colorado with my wife and son where’s the best place to live and work in Colorado , love your show. I will send you the 10$ fee to support you .Thanks for your help will be looking to buy either the 2017 ecodiesel 1500 ram laramie or the 2017 GMC Canyon 2.8 diesel

    104. I enjoyed watching (and learning) about trucks watching you guys do your videos and reviews. Since I was in the process of buying one for our camping needs, I watched the IKE Gauntlet video where you guys tried out the Ram Eco-diesel specifically, as well as some of the other ones.

      I also watched Andre’s mileage run with the Ram eco diesel where here was able to get an incredible mileage ready with the truck.

      But I have one question that I would like to ask your staff, or Mr. Sutherland, The Truck guy. While making the run up the IKE Gauntlet, your driver had the throttle burried all the way to the floor for the entire run up the hill to see how fast it would make the climb and how well the small diesel could handle the climb.

      So, my question is this: what is the best way to run a diesel pickup when towing a load like that up highway and freeway hills? We own a 2015 Ram EcoDiesel, 2-WD, with the 3.55:1 rear end and 20″ wheels. Is it good for a diesel to run at full throttle up hills to try to make the climb as close as possible to the allowed speed? Or is it better to slow down and try to keep the rpms down below 3000?


      Mic Tod
      Reedsport, Oregon

    105. Guys, I watch almost every episode of The Fast Lane Truck and I want to congradulate you on your great work! Your project trucks a.k.a Big Green and Rusty Boy (wish i had one myself!) are amazing and fun to watch!

      I just saw an old episode of an old road test by Motorweek of a 1995 Tacoma 4×4 extended cab and they mentioned that their price as tested was 27,596$! That is $44,506.06 in 2017’s currency! It means that the prices today are the same but you get today A Lot more! (crew cab, off road package, diesel in chevys etc.) What do you think? Also does one of you guys had any experience with the 1988-1998 chevy/GMC trucks? Would like to know your thoughts!
      Keep up the geat work!
      Miki Plavin

    106. I enjoyed watching (and learning) about trucks watching you guys do your videos and reviews.

      A few years ago you all did a series with Mr. Truck installing Auto Flex suspension on his F250. If he is still driving that truck could you do a followup episode that covers long term review, maintenance, and any issues that have happened.

    107. Hi Andre – – –

      Good job with the videos and interviews and answering all those questions!

      I have two questions on the operation of the “Comments” section (could not find answers on the website):

      1) Is there a limit of how many links to other websites can be included, without approval, in a single post?
      (It seems that 1 is allowed, but more than that goes to your editorial staff for approval, which may take a day or two.)

      2) Is there a limit to how many posts/replies any one user may post within a single comments section for an article?
      (As an example: For a specific article, I had posted 8, but no posting was allowed beyond that. When I tried later, I got the “duplicate message” warning, but still nothing had been posted from the 1st attempt against which the 2nd would be a “duplicate”. It’s frustrating to spend some time and effort composing a post only to have it rejected!)


    108. Hey TFL Truck guys, I know a little over a year ago you did the IKE gauntlet with the Ram Ecodiesel. I own a 2016 Ram Ecodiesel, I also tow quite often with it. The heaviest load I haul is my 16.5′ Maxi flatbed trailer, with a Yanmar EX3200 w/loader, 5′ box blade and 5′ brush hog. The total load is just shy of 8000lbs. With that load on the highway I average between 18.4mpg and 21.2mpg here SW Oklahoma and currently have about 36k miles on it. That truck in real world driving and towing does it better then any other truck I’ve owned, F150’s, Silverado’s and Trundra. The problem with all of the other trucks I’ve had is that they all constantly want to shift gears, can’t maintain speed and blow through fuel under type of load. What are your thoughts on the Ram Ecodiesel now that they have been out for a few years?

    109. When you were running the IKE MPG tow test with HD Diesels why did not not get the MPG of the empty chase HD Diesels trucks up IKE. Then you would have real world numbers for empty and loaded. And while the Chevy HD was loaded max I would have been nice to see the RAM and FORD with MAX load numbers up the IKE. Then put this information on the website. The Chevy would have empty and loaded while the RAM and Ford would have empty, loaded (Chevy max), loaded (Ram Max, Ford Max). MPG, number brake applications etc. Also put the dyno numbers with this information. All in one place. What was interesting is the Chevy had the worst dyno numbers but the quickest time up the gauntlet pulling it max while the Ram and Ford were 7000 below there max.

    110. Last 3 new vehicles I have owned were :
      Toyota Tacoma , FJ Cruiser and now a 4Runner TRD Pro . I want to add a small pickup to my garage . MY DILEMMA ? QUESTION : Can someone who has lived thru 3 new Toyotas with their associated high quality , problem free characters , Find Comfort and Satisfaction equal to owning my Toyotas , if I pull the trigger and get a Chevy Colorado ZR2 ?( I am just fascinated by the idea of factory locking front and rear differentials )

    111. want the best truck for this situation pulling a 2017 34 ft airstream and also a brand new camper top

      whats the best truck if your intentions are to to pull a 34 ft new airstream and also have a camper on the back of the pick up so you have to get off the road . suggestions please

    112. Can you guys do a comparison of the Hensley, Pro Pride, Blue OX and Equalizer hitches? Use the same tow vehicle and trailer to determine which one offers the best sway control and weight distribution.

    113. Andre, how is your Duramax doing? We have not seen it lately. If you ever get the notion to sell it would you make it public with TFL, maybe via eBay or Autotrader? Keep up the good work!

    114. I recently read the article about the 2018 Chevy Silverado and the expanded availability of the light hybrid and it got me thinking. Do you guys know if anyone has attempted a diesel hybrid vehicle of any kind, car or truck etc?

    115. The work you folks are doing is just assume. Manufacturers do not want to publish towing MPG and on 3/4 ton and above vehicles, no MPG info at all. You folks solve that problem doing your testing in this best place in the USA. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Your neighbor – R. Latreille Denver Colorado

    116. Recently bought a Tundra and I already have issues with the FFV engine, this is an article I found on the tundra forum…. Please Ask Toyota Engineering what is the real problem and why this problem is not solved yet. A lot of information on the internet related to the problems with this engine and only a band aid, this is one of many articles you can find in the internet…..
      12 of 21 people found this review helpful
      Toyota trouble Flex fuel issues
      By pvtcable on 03/28/13 18:07 PM (PDT)

      2012 Toyota Tundra Tundra 4dr CrewMax SB (5.7L 8cyl 6A)

      Buyer beware of flex fuel problems. 2012
      In temps of 50 degrees or less it fails to start about every 7-8 fill ups. Requires service each time to fix. No fix yet. Go to the lemon law. Its the Only way to get anything done. To avoid the problem just don’t run less than a quarter tank of gas, never run less than 5 minutes, use only flex fuel( if u can find it), move to a warmer climate. Seriously! No joke!
      $50k truck. 9 months of problems,no help from Toyota. Once you sign your name your stuck on a long rough, frustrating, costly, ride. Thanks Toyota for not standing behind your product. You should stop selling them until you have the problems fixed or at least tell the customer .
      Best Features

      Other than the starting problems this truck is overall a great truck. I would want the same truck if the flex fuel problem was fixed. It out performs anything else I’ve ever had. Too bad it doesn’t start sometimes.
      Worst Features

      Fix the problem with the flex fuel system. Tell customers before they buy if you don’t have the fix yet. You would think this would go without saying but apparently not with Toyota.

    117. You guys installed a FiTech fuel injection on the project truck big Green. How is the fuel injection still working? I hear a lot of issues with the fuel command center having a lot of issues. An update would be great to hear

    118. Love ur vids! I can’t find any info on differences chevy and ford 3/4 vs 1 ton, other than “more leaf springs”. It’s not that simple, right? Am I missing something

    119. Hi, I’m looking to go to a heavy duty truck. Can you please do max towings with the f-350, Silverado 3500hd. Since you already did a max for the ram 3500, it is good. Also a max towing for the f-250, and a 2500hd would be much appreciated.
      Part 2) for 17,000 lbs would you stay a 2500 or go to the 3500 dually? I’m just worried about the dually since it’ll be not very daily driver friendly. Thank you and I love your channel. It’s my favourite!

    120. Not real sure what happened to our TFL forum. I had planned to write some owner perspective reviews on some of our new trucks I bought this year. If there is a better place to post info like this now, please advise.
      Here is a sample of one that I had written on the 2017 Titan 1500s, that I had planned to put on the Forum.

      Ever since the new 2017 Titan 1/2 ton was launched last year, of which I had been following this truck closely studying everything I could find about it .

      I purchased 3 2017 Titan regular cabs and 4 2017 Titan Crew cabs last spring all 2wd 5 are SV trim, and 2 are S trim models. Just a little back ground, I have about 45 vehicle in my Business mostly trucks, with a few cars and SUVs in that mix.

      We now have between 3000-12000 miles on the new Titan’s. So far we have had 0 problems, and our loaded and working real world fuel mileage has been ranging in the 15-18mpg range, basically the exact same as the V8 F150s and 5.3L Silverado’s these trucks replaced. However with Titans there is a noticeable increase in power over the 5.0 Fords and the 5.3GMs.

      Employee reports have all been positive regarding the new trucks. Lots of compliments to the seat comfort over the out going trucks. I personally drove all of them prior to putting them into service. I drove them each anywhere from 50-500 mile before placing them into service around the company. I just wanted to double check everything was meeting my company needs and my expectations.

      I was really impressed with the trucks performance and comfort in particular the seats are very comfortable, more so then any of the other brands we have in service, and we currently have all 5 full size truck brands in service around the company today. I really don’t have any particular brand bias. I always do a lot of research and try to pic the best truck to fit our needs for each application. It is not always just price or a particular brand name for me.

      Since I am really liking what I am seeing from these Titans so far. I just bought two more S model Regular Cabs this week. These two new Titans are replacing a 2015 Ram 1500 and a 2014 F150.

      The 5yr 100K bumper to bumper warranty meant a lot to me to try some of these trucks. I recently had several costly AC system repairs made to some of the out going 2014 and 15 GM trucks all well under 100k miles on them with $1500.00 Ac repair bills coming in one after another, and with Ford we had been typically having electrical issues with sub 100K trucks and some mechanical issues Trans and rear ends with F150s 125k-150K miles. Over the past few years, the Ram’s have been proving to have the lowest repair cost for us. The 2015 Ram I am trading on the Titan has 108k miles on it and has had 0 repair bills only regular maintenance items in it’s 108k mile history.

      If the Nissan’s should experience any issues sub 100k I am out only the down time, nothing more for the repairs, it is all covered. After some of the healthy GM and Ford bills I have seen this past year or two, I really like having the Nissan 5yr 100k bumper to bumper warranty.

      We soon will have a total of 9, 2017 Titans in service and we have 2 2017 Armada’s and 1 2017 Qx80 all running basically the same powertrain. So far no major issues or failures on any of them.

      I would say it is one of the best values on the market. It’s not #1 really in any category but it is pretty darn good for anything we are needing our trucks to be able to do.
      Which is haul our products from point A-B without a lot of issues or expense, keep our driver safe and comfortable while on the road.

      So far it seems Nissan is building pretty decent truck for the money.

      Sorry for the lengthy post, just thought I would share my experience so far with the new 2017 Titan 1500s.

    121. Have you thought about dyno testing the new dullies. When you get them in I have a feeling Ram is under rating on paper … advrage of 3 pulls .. and what are your thoughts on diesel hybrids

    122. The media needs to call out GM for their deceptive marketing! I’ll admit I’m biased towards the Ford brand of pickup trucks, but I actually love to see any of the brands bring us new and worthy technologies in pickups to keep moving the industry along and to give us more and better offerings using different power train strategies, and there is little doubt that the General has very worthy engineers. These are the guys and gals that have produced a “Tesla” killer in the Chevy Bolt and Volt. With respect to pickup manufacturers taking different technology paths to bring more fuel economical trucks and more capable trucks gives us choice and better products and improved value through time, and I’m all for it. But what in the world is going on with GM and this claim that they now have class-leading mpg on the Silverado with 18/24-20 for 2018 model year? How in the world can they claim “best in class” when F150 has up to 18/25-21 on their most powerful powertrain choice (available on all trims and all configurations save the std cab short bed); up to 20/26-22 on their highest mileage offering available up through Lariat trim on all configurations, and 19/25-22 on their base V6 up through XLT trim on most configurations; all three beating any Silverado or Sierra claim with the most capable of F150 generating 20 more horses and 87 more ft-lbs torque coming 600 RPM lower. It’s a technicality; they’re using “V8” as a class; and it gets worse; it’s a very limited offering not available in all configurations. I saw this somewhere and looked closer. There is now a 5.3L V8 Ecotec with eAssist for 2018, supposedly available in all 50 states, in LT and LTZ trim that achieves up to 18/24/20. And they’re claiming best in class mpg, because they edge out F150’s V8 that tops out at 17/23/19. But when I try to build one online, the cheapest “best in class” truck I can build comes up to $44,195 (2018 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, 2WD, Short Box LT). This is a ridiculous claim and is deceptive. But it gets worse. It’s already published by the guys over at ORNL (fueleconomy.gov). They now have two versions of Silverado listed with mpg estimated at 18/24/20 (The 2WD 4.3V6 Ecotec and 2WD 5.3 V8 Ecotec hybrid).

      This is worse than GMs claim of highest horsepower on another very limited 1/2-ton pickup truck. The 1/2-ton pickups that get the 6.2 V8, which almost no one can buy and almost no one has; and the little Duramax advertised at $3600 premium when it’s starting price is at least $15K over the base Colorado/Canyon on a little diesel that they took great pains to bring down the cost (solenoid injectors and cast iron block), but yet did not bring those cost savings to the consumer, nor did they allow anyone to have it in a configuration where it would be most useful.

      All manufacturers use tricks and technicalities to make claims, but GM has gone over the line and needs to be called out for what they are doing.

    123. Will you guys start doing some more offroad testing like the Moab mashup video, that was my favorite video ever and I hope you guys continue to talk about the new Raptor.
      Thank you for all you guys do!

    124. Hey TFL Truck people. You guys have been doing and awesome job covering the Chevy Colorado ZR2. I am considering buying one but I Have some questions I haven’t heard great answers to yet. Maybe you can help.
      What components make the track wider?(I’m hoping not just different wheel and tire dimensions). Or how much different is the front suspensions geometry from the stock vehicle?
      They say the body is wider. is that just the fender trim that makes it wider or is it the actual sheet metal?
      It looks like they use the same rear end gear ratio as the stock vehicle as well. Is there any difference in the engine or transmission tuning that would help with the larger tires or performance goals.
      Last is a personal ascetics question. Is there a way to level out the rake. maybe a removable block in the rear like the full size chevys? (I know it hurts the bumper clearance) Or How much would a spacer hurt the ride characteristics of the front end?
      Wait. One more thing. I would love to see a video comparing a ZR2 to a second generation Tacoma with all the goodies one would put on them. like a 3″ lift with all the Icon suspension and bigger tires.
      Anyway. you guys are great. keep on Trucking.

    125. Hi after getting a response from you a couple weeks ago I have come to a decision and have ordered a 2018 F150 3.5 ecoboost with 373 axle and max tow with heavy duty payload option. This truck will be towing during the summer a Cougar High country 29 ft fifthwheel that weighs 9000 to it’s maximum weight and the pin weight is 1420 lbs. The tires are 18″ Lt’s on the truck.. We were asked if we wantedFX4 for off-road and we don’t plan to go in the woods or use rugged dirt roads. It seems that the fx4 has stronger built back shocks and under belly protection also a button on the front dash for downhill control. If we are only going to use this on main roads to tow our fifthwheel is it necessary that we get this option? What else is it for? Are the shocks good enough on the heavy duty payload with 373 axle? I tried researching this and found nothing and yet salesmen are pushing this option on almost all half ton trucks.Thank you once more for your help! I have tried subscribing to your tfl truck website and don’t receive a confirmation with my email address and yet it says to go to my email address but don’t receive anything. We love your website and always look forward to news and new videos.

    126. Hi I am a big fan and I think it time you guys should do a ultimate truck challenge video of a Ram Power Wagon vs the Lexus LX. Because they are both big heavy vehicles and Power Wagon is the best off road pick up and the LX is the best off road SUV well also the Toyota Land Cruiser they are the same. I read in Motor trend Land Cruiser beaten the Jeep Wrangler. Another video that would be interest to watch that you guys could do would be a drag race fast street trucks. TO have the Ram 1500 Night or the Ram 1500 Sport Sublime Green which ever is faster to race against the Ford F150 Shelby Super Snake that has 750-HP. So thanks for all your cool truck videos & cant wait to see what you have next for us!

    127. hey guys stuck between the rebel and powerwagon you know if i can get a rebel with six seats as i have 4 kids and need the flexability thanks

    128. I recently purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon. I love this new Jeep. However, as a future upgrade, will there be a version of the Multimatic shocks, as seen on the ZR2, for the Rubicon?

    129. Right now I’m driving a 2007 Honda Accord and a 1999 7.3 liter Ford F-250. One thing they both have in common is they are bad when it comes to road noise. What would you recommend as the quietest ride for a 2015 or newer half ton truck?

    130. Hi TFL team,

      When will you guys review the 2018 GM full-size SUVs? Especially the Yukon Denali/Escalade as I really want to see how you comment the 10-spd transmission from GM.

    131. What is the latest on the next generation HD trucks from GMC/Chevy? I know the L5P was just intro’d in 2017. There seems to be nothing on the web showing mules or the like out testing and if the half ton is all new for 2019 I would think the HD would follow in 2020. The lighting, cab size, interior ventilation, etc all need some serious updating. Any word on the GM HD Trucks next generation and when we will see it? Thanks!

    132. When are you guys going to test the 2018 F150 on the Ike Gauntlet? Any idea which engine you’re going to test this year? Can I put a vote in for the 3.5 Ecoboost? Would love to see you test it with the heavy duty payload frame and give the 10 speed a redo on the downhill.

    133. My wife and I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner that we are looking to replace as we now own a 5,000lb travel trailer. The Tacoma has been incredibly reliable. In almost 12 years, we have never had a single problem with this truck. I want to get a 1/2 ton and am partial to Toyota or Nissan based on my past experience, but I don’t want to overlook one of the domestics. We plan on keeping this next truck for 10-15 years and I hope to have the same reliability as our Tacoma has had. Of all the 1/2 ton trucks on the market, which would you purchase if your primary concern was absolute reliability?

    134. I’m looking for skid plates like the one shown in the photo on your web site. Looks like it covers almost everything. I have a 2016 Ram 4×4 eco diesel. Do you sell them or know who does? Thx!

    135. Any chance you guys will get a hand on a 2018 F150 2.7L EB 10 speed and to a MPG loop test? I’m still debating on which engine to choose. Model will be an XLT RC LWB 4X2. I check the RAM ED with the RC LWB, but their price way too high vs the Ford

    136. Just an FYI. I just got home from visiting Cummins Rock MTN service center in Henderson, Co. I was waiting on getting a new Onan generator looked at and asked the Cummings service writer if they had any insite or rummer on the 2019 Ram HD disel. 2019 will be Cummins 100 year anaversary and 2019 will be the 30th year Cummins and Dodge/Ram have had there relationship. My jaw dropped when Two other Cummins service writters and the one I was talking with all couldnt tell me fast enough. Cummins will NOT be in the 2019 Ram HD trucks. The party is OVER!! Fiat is going with there own diesel. Just like the 1/2 ton trucks and Jeeps Echo diesels. It will be a bigger version of cource but that’s another story. Just wanted to share as this was the first I have heard anything about it. Looks like I am ordering a 2018.

    137. Guys, really like the reviews, you put a lot of work into them.
      Question, I can’t seem to get an honest answer about the ram 1500 diesel engine.
      Are there serious concerns? Transmission problems, oil build up etc?

    138. Thanks for all the great content!! I can’t help but notice some of these trucks (like the 6 speed f150s) are 1990’s sports car fast in a straight line, running 14’s in the 1/4 mile. What are the new 10 speeds doing for them? I’ve seen someone online that is claiming to run mid 13’s with a Coyote, 10 speed, f150. Is this really what’s happening?? Seems like their could be some really fun mashups!!

    139. did you guys do a pre MPG test on the ram ecoD before patch and after patch… MPG and Tow test…

      and how about some Towing test with a Travel trailer in the 8K lbs range. 27-
      30 feet

    140. I enjoy your videos with both truck and car reviews. It’s a lot of fun watching you guys having a lot of fun! The video quality and content is getting better all the time. You can’t have enough Go Pros.
      I have a 2014 Ram Ecodiesel and love it so far. Any thoughts on long-term problems? Have read some issues but so far at 43k miles in the Northeast no problems. Towed a packed large Uhaul trailer from Laramie, WYOMING to Providence, RI no problem. Also a car trailer with an old Oldsmobile from NH to upstate NY. It just purred away.
      Thanks for all your hard work, it shows!

    141. You guys have really found the perfect information niche. Right between hype/promo and all facts and no function. I really enjoy seeing the vehicles and seeing actual real world performance.

      That said, the recent review of the Tundra vs Cliffhanger 2.0 in the snow was very revealing. I would love to see something very similar to this with the Power Wagon and the ZR2 and maybe even the Raptor. I would add the Toyota Tacoma in there but it doesn’t seem to be at the same level as the others. I’m wanting to move my 06 Ram 2500 pretty soon and get something with more off road capability but am not a fan of small motors running at high RPM and don’t need to do 70 mph out across the NM desert. I am more of a mountain, crawl around, hunting rig guy and the ZR2 offers a lot but lacks trailer towing and bed size that I want. On the other hand, the Power Wagon is a big beast and will pass anything but a gas station. Besides, I would love to see how the Power Wagon in the snow and by the way, slap some 35″ tires on it and try it again on Cliffhanger in the loose rock and dirt and I’ll bet it barely misses a beat. Remember, Power Wagon Don’t Care! More data just might tip me one way or the other!

      Anyway, thanks for all your work and reports and keep them coming!

    142. Hi guys, i am from czech. I dont undestand perfectly english, american-english minimum. You make acceleration test, offroad compare tests, etc … end very very much bla bla bla, nobody understand it. But nobody test original head lights quality. RAM1500 Mod 2014- is not bed. Head light – low beam is biggest shit on the world. Its shame, you never make head light test. I will never understand, how is possibel sell this bigshit-lamp (laramie) on new car at year 2014 and more. My lamp on my bicycle with dynamo lightning better. And you big tester never say any about this poor quality. Regards Vlasta

    143. I’ve noticed in your downhill IKE runs, the cruise control is not activated. On GM vehicles even without tow haul mode activated and cruise control on it will hold/brake to maintain your locked speed. Sure, tapping the brake cancels cruise. On my 2011 2500HD 6.0 and ’17 SLT 6.2, I very seldom have to use brakes downhill.

    144. Hello TFL
      To start I want to say I love your content. Love all the towing segments and helped alot. Quick question, are you going to do a video recovering vehicles? Say using a regular F150? It winter here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and cars get stuck in ditches everywhere. Would love to help these stranded people so they don’t freeze in our cold temps.

      Thanks TFL

    145. I’m a sophomore at North Carolina State University and I’m very interested in the automotive journalism field. I own a 2007 F-150 and small travel trailer, would you guys be interested in hosting an unpaid summer internship or job shadowing?

    146. Hey guys …my family has purchased several trucks after watching you guys do all the testing …..we greatly appreciate your knowledge and experience….I’m hoping that the manufactures realize you have an impact on their sales! Thank you for helping us chose the right vehicles for us time after time …. God bless ..Jeff C.

    147. Reference the Hellcat Ram article put out earlier this week. I am interested in your thoughts on the matter/what Chrysler says moving forward on the subject if it ever comes up in discussion.

      I agree with those earlier in the feed. However, I know that offering too many engine options quickly spells failure for the brand.

      I believe there is a market for the 6.4 HD engine in the 1/2 ton as you see GM do with the Denali 1500s. I also believe that the “SRT Ram” with a non super charged engine would sell well.

      What it comes down to is that there is a group of guys that like to go fast and have that performance capability on tap in their truck. It’s a Goldielocks scenario where the 5.7 does well but doesn’t have enough “Juevos” as Nathan would say. However, the Hellcat while awesome is an 75-90K sale which quickly outprices it to the majority of the market.

      Fiat Chrysler has shown they can do oomph on a budget within the Charger line up where you can readily get the big engine provided in an SRT without going full 50K plus SRT Charger. I think a similar answer would sell well in the Ram. You still do the Hellcat because “power!” And the ability to say “yes we have a production truck that has 707 HP on pump gas, top that”. However, offering the 6.4 whether the version in the HD or the speed demon tuned for trucks out of the challenger/charger would round out the offering in my opinion providing juevos without a 75-90k price tag on a 1500. Thoughts?

    148. Did anyone notice if the frame on the 2019 Chevy Silverado if it’s wax coated or E-coated (Painted)?
      All of you have done an excellent job with all the updates to all the new trucks, I was hoping that since, Mr Truck was under the Silverado I thought he may have noticed?
      Thank You

    149. Hey TFL guys!
      Love watching you guys,been a subscriber on your YouTube channel for the last 5 years. I think it would be awesome if you guys could round up some of the older generation diesels and do some testing “IKE gauntlet” if I lived closer I’d let you use mine, 06 F250 powerstroke. I think it make some cool and fun videos. Keep up the good work fellas, just wanted to give you a real world comment from way out in Pennsylvania!

    150. I love your show! Any way we can buy one of your nice button up shirts that say tfltruck like the one Andre is wearing in todays video Breaking News:2019 toyota tacoma trd pro? I would love to order one if you made them available! Thanks for all ur amazing vids!

    151. I have 2017 Ram 3500 4X4 crew-cab Dually, what is the least expensive way to get a better ride and also take the squat out of the truck when putting a nearly 6,000 pound truck camper in the bed. I like the Kelderman 4 link system but it is pricey at about 7K installed, hard to sopend on a fixed income, do you have any suggestions?

    152. For Tacomas and 4Runners, I have noticed that TFLTruck has not tested the Limited editions. It’s always the SR5, TRD off road or Pro variant. I would really love to see how a Limited edition of either TACO and/or 4Runner could tackle gold mine hill. I know the limited editions lack crawl control and a rear diff locker but still I am very curious on how they would perform on gold mine hill. Can TFLTruck make this happen? Thanks!

    153. Mahindra one cylinder truck has a higher payload capacity than the brand new f150
      Dear TFL truck crew first off I’d like to say I love your video’s they are very helpful in what type of new truck I will buy in the future. I stumbled on this click bate mail and figured you guys could make an awesome video putting this indian lawn mower against an f150.
      Obviously payload isn’t everything I’m sure that the f150 could carry allot of these toys. If you guys remember the old Ford and Chevy commercials.
      “Built Ford tough”
      Anyway if you guys could do a video on this I’m sure it would be popular and fun and something nobody has done yet. Thanks keep making awesome videos😄

    154. Of the the three North American brands, which gas powered 2500 truck would you suggest for 2700lb slide in camper? Taking in to account we are super cheap, so mpgs are at the top of the list for importance. As well overall costs over five years. Would be looking at new or next to new. $30-50,000 budget. Thanks!!!!

    155. I went to the Dallas Auto Show last night. I looked over the new Jeep GL Sahara.
      I opened the hood and saw that it had a electric motor on the alternator and air condition. I was surprised that it would have one on the alternator. Any thoughts on why they did this?
      Thank you

    156. Awesome site. IKE Guantlet recommendation: Tell is what you are seeing on water and trans temp gauges. Anyone that does any towing is going to be fixated on those two along with boost and pyro, but especially trans temp.

    157. Guys,
      How does a 4×4 measure up to an AWD on the highway when it’s raining or snowing? I know the difference between the two drivetrains and I understand that the rain or light snow isn’t enough to shift a truck into 4Hi. Are you as safe in 2wd in a truck as you are in an awd vehicle? I really want the new Ram Rebel. While I plan on doing lots of off-roading, I’m a city slicker and it’s going to be my daily driver. When it’s raining I feel safe and in control going 60 in my BMW X5 on the highway. For those of you that care to respond, do you feel like you’re in control of your truck when it’s raining and snowing or do you need to slow down a bit for fear of the rear end getting away from you? You can’t put a truck in 4Hi just for the rain right? The Ram Rebel doesn’t have 4auto btw.

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