• New Police SUV and 2019 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Diesel: Times Are Changing!

    Ford recently two vehicles that are sure to raise some eyebrows. It's what they call an all-new Police SUV (Interceptor Utility) with a gas/electric hybrid powertrain. The obscured image of this police cruiser looks like a Ford Explorer at first, but closer inspection reveals new headlights and other new design

    Truck Rewind: Little 1951 Goliath GD750 Is a Three-Wheeled Wonder

    Overseas, it's not uncommon to see small 3-wheeled, small displacement trucks working hard, but this 1951 Goliath GD750 3-Wheeled Pickup Truck actually makes these little guys look appealing. Trucks like this pristine example of the 1951 Goliath GD750 3-Wheeled Pickup Truck helped rebuild Europe after World War II. Established in Bremen, Germany