• Towing Dyno and How It Works: Bring a Mountain Road With You (Video)


    When you have to faithfully recreate various towing conditions for trucks ranging from daily-driver pickups to big-rigs, Taylor Dynamometer is a fascinating alternative. Todd Poirson, our friendly Taylor Dynamometer representative, swung by the TFLtruck/TFLcar office to chat with our very own Managing Editor, Andre Smirnov. Utilizing electromagnetic technology to create resistance, Taylor

    New Trailer Trends: Rubber-Infused Wood, Black Rims, and More (Video)

    bigtex trailer blackwood

    What are the latest trends with utility trailers and truck beds? We spoke with our partners BigTex Trailers and CM Truck Beds at the 2017 North American Trailer Dealer Association (NATDA) trade show to get the scoop. There are two products that are quickly gaining in popularity: rubber-infused wood or lumber