• MORE Forbidden Fruit: BRABUS Mercedes-Benz X-Class Jazzes Up The Luxury Midsizer

    German tuner company BRABUS, who usually specializes in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, just released the BRABUS Mercedes-Benz X-Class. This truck gets more power, bespoke wheels, upgraded exterior components and an even more refined interior. Giving the BRABUS Mercedes-Benz X-Class its own exterior character, BRABUS designed several add-on and replacement components that are said to

    All-New 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Review: How Does It Drive, Haul, and Perform (Video)

    2019 mercedes sprinter cab chassis

    Mercedes-Benz continues its push for more commercial vehicle market share in the United States with a completely redesigned 2019 Sprinter van and van chassis lineup. The Sprinter is new inside and out with updated design, functionality, and configuration options. The van will be available in three types: cargo, passenger, and chassis. It

    Mercedes-Benz Heavy-Duty Electric Truck to Start Production in 2021 [News]

    Most of you have probably heard the news that Tesla is making a heavy-duty electric semi truck. Well, now Mercedes is hopping on the bandwagon. Today, the German automaker announced its plans to produce a Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty electric truck in 2021. Daimler, the group that owns Mercedes, has said that

    It Hits 0-60 Faster than Most Sports Cars: The 577 Horsepower Mercedes-AMG G63 is Here! [News]

    2019 Mercedes-AMG G63

    After the 2019 G-Class reveal in Detroit, here comes the latest fire-breathing model from AMG: the new G63. Every time Mercedes-Benz unveils a new model, you know what soon follows. The company's in-house tuners, AMG, get to work. This time, they've come up with a new version of the G-Wagen's G63