• Old (Big Green Chevy K10) vs Old (Hummer H2) vs New (Toyota Sequoia) – Big Boy V8 Drag Race

    Which project is quicker down an 1/8th of a mile: Big Green Chevy K10 or Frank the Hummer (H2)? We did not want to wait any longer to find out. Big Green is a 1985 Chevy K10 (half-ton 4x4) with a new Chevy Performance ZZ6 crate engine swap. This is a

    Why The Hummer H2 Deserves More Respect Than You Might Think! World’s Most Hated Truck Pt.3 (Video)

    2003 hummer h2

    Some call the Hummer H2 the most embarrassing or the most hated truck out there. I wager that the H2 deserves more respect than many people might think. This truck (and it is a truck frame-based SUV) has military vehicle heritage, unique rugged design, miles of interior space, some cool features such