• Honda Pioneer 500 EV and Electric PCX Scooter Can Swap Battery Packs (CES Debut)

    Honda Pioneer Mobile Power Pack 4W-Vehicle Concept

    Honda debuts this side-by-side all electric UTV concept at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. This utility vehicle is based on the Honda Pioneer 500 platform and feature four swappable and rechargeable batteries that Honda calls - Mobile Power Pack. Electrification of all kinds of trucks and

    Honda Utility Robot: Would You Like a Four Wheeler that Follows You and Helps You with Work or Play?

    honda atv robot autonomous 3e-d18

    Would you like a four-wheeler (4x4 ATV) that can follow you around or be summoned from afar via a smartphone or smartwatch? The Honda 3E-D18 explorers the possibilities of an autonomous / robotic electric all-terrain vehicle that can assist you at your job site or with your next outdoor activity.

    Toyota Tacoma is Still Selling Like Mad: September 2017 Sales Report

    Competition No surprise, the Toyota Tacoma is on top of the list like it usually is. While the Chevy Colorado is not too far behind, it is still struggling to keep up with the ever-popular Tacoma. The news is not so good for the other three trucks on this list. Nissan