• Frozen Door Latches, Air Suspension Problems and Best Tires for Towing? (Ask TFLtruck)

    Best tires for towing? Ford F-150

    Welcome to today's Ask TFLtruck! We have two problems and a question to tackle this time around. First up: an issue with frozen door latches on current generation 2015 - 2018 Ford F-150s, as evidenced by a post on F-150 Forums: Ford F-150 frozen door latch issue - Eric: Hi! I really like

    Truck Rewind: The Centurion Classic – a 4-Door Ford Bronco?

    Truck Rewind: The Centurion Classic - a 4-Door Ford Bronco?

    Have you ever seen a four-door Bronco? Meet the Centurion Classic The Centurion Classic was two vehicles in one. Centurion Vehicles, based in White Pigeon, MI built the Centurion Classic which was part Ford Bronco and part F-Series chassis. Beginning in 1980, the Centurion Classic was built as a response to

    Behind the Scenes of the World’s Toughest Towing Test: Ike Gauntlet and Gold Hitch (Video)

    The 2018 edition of the Gold Hitch competition is in full swing. The Gold Hitch awards are all about testing and crowning the best towing and off-road trucks in the land. The Ike Gauntlet™ - world's toughest towing test, and the Cliffhanger 2.0 off-road trail are the ways we compare