• Frozen Door Latches, Air Suspension Problems and Best Tires for Towing? (Ask TFLtruck)

    Best tires for towing? Ford F-150

    Welcome to today's Ask TFLtruck! We have two problems and a question to tackle this time around. First up: an issue with frozen door latches on current generation 2015 - 2018 Ford F-150s, as evidenced by a post on F-150 Forums: Ford F-150 frozen door latch issue - Eric: Hi! I really like

    Ask TFLtruck: 2019 Ram 8-Speed or Ford/GM 10-Speed – Which Transmission is more Robust?

    2017 ford f150 10-speed automatic transmission

    While researching a 2019 half-ton pickup truck for purchase, which transmission has a more robust design: Ram's new 8-speed or Ford's and GM's joint design of the 10-speed automatic? This is a very interesting question that comes to us from Jason V. I am looking to purchase a 2019 half-ton pickup truck.  Can you

    Ask TFLtruck: Ram 1500 Rebel or Chevy Colorado ZR2 – Which Truck to Buy?

    2018 chevy colorado zr2 ford raptor ram power wagon off-road comparison

    The 2018 Ram 1500 Rebel and the 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 could be configured at a similar price (between $44,000 - $47,000). Caleb W. sends us an interesting question. Which truck would you recommend to purchase? Which truck has a better ride on pavement? I am in the market for a

    Ask TFLtruck: Current Generation 2019 Ram 1500 Regular Cab and What’s Up the EcoDiesel V6?

    ram 1500 regular cab 2019 old generation

    There have been several questions regarding the new 2019 Ram 1500 we've recently received. You are asking us about the regular cab, front bench seat and a ton of questions about the EcoDiesel V6. Turns out Ram will be building and selling the new DT generation 2019 Ram 1500 quad and crew