• Ask TFLtruck: Which Truck Size Is Best for Me? What is the Meaning of ‘Half-Ton’ Truck?

    We recently received the following question at ask@tfltruck.com - "Which truck size is best for me (midsize or half-ton), and why are half-ton trucks called half-ton?" While this question is generic and does not specify any requirements, it is still a common thread of questioning that we get often. We

    Ask Your Questions About the All-New 2019 Ram Rebel! (TFLnow Almost Live)

    Ask Your Questions About the All-New 2019 Ram Rebel

    We're taking your questions for an (almost) live Q&A video on the all-new 2019 Ram Rebel! Tomorrow - Wednesday, March 21st - we're answering your questions in a TFLnow (Almost) Live show! We have the Rebel at our home base in Boulder, Colorado, and we're taking the opportunity to tell you everything you