• Truck Rewind: How Low Can You Go? Check out the Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40 Concept

    The Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40 Concept was an all-new way to solve the issues that heavy, un-aerodynamic and difficult to maneuver tractor trailers suffer from. Designed by Manfred Steinwinter in 1983, the Steinwinter Supercargo 20.40 Concept debuted at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show. Measuring a scant 1,170 mm (about 46-inches) tall, the Steinwinter Truck Concept

    Truck Rewind: Innotruck – Is This the Truck of the Future From the Past?

    While it looks like a model from the recent Blade Runner 2049 film, the Innotruck was a testbed for various emerging technologies. Back in 2012, it was introduced at the MobiliTec international trade fair at the Hannover Messe - one of the world's largest trade fairs. It is held on

    Truck Rewind: The Disneyland Viewliner – Part Train, Part Truck, and Part Corvette?

    Even though the Disneyland Viewliner train has the reputation as being “One of the shortest-lived rides in the history of Disneyland”, it did a superb job showcasing what a high-performance train could be way back when. Why is it on TFLtruck.com? It's a scale replica of the General Motor's Aerotrain (more

    Truck Rewind: the 2003 Isuzu Axiom XST Concept – Unfortunate Diction

    2003 isuzu pickup truck concept xst

    The Isuzu Axiom XST Concept was based on the short-lived '04-'06 (and unfortunately named) Isuzu Axiom. Built at the Lafayette, Indiana plant, the Isuzu Axiom was a small SUV built on the platform, and served as a replacement for the Isuzu Rodeo. Sales were never good and after a two year