• H2Go! Toyota’s Hydrogen 670-hp Semi-Truck from the L.A. Auto Show [Video]

    Toyota FCV Semi-Truck

    Meet Toyota's hydrogen-powered semi The Los Angeles Auto Show's tradition of introducing green tech and green vehicles continues. Toyota showed up with its massive Kenworth semi-truck and trailer retrofitted with two hydrogen fuel cells. The fuel cells came from two existing Toyota Mirai hydrogen-powered sedans, while the motor was purpose-built to

    When to Drive a Truck Through High Water and When Not To (Ask TFLTruck)

      Scenes of the historic deluge submerging Houston, with countless cars and trucks submerged in the streets led TFLtruck reader Aaron V.P. to contact us for advice on how to drive a truck in or through high water. It's a great question, one that thousands of Texas truck drivers are facing this