• Which Raptor Is Quicker? SVT V8 Old Ford Raptor or a Tuned new Twin-Turbo Raptor (Old vs New)

    2018 ford raptor f150 tuned modified

    Recently, we pitted our long-term 2014 SVT Raptor up against Brady's new Ford Raptor in a side-by-side race and a 0-60 mph comparison. Brady's Raptor has a few performance modifications, so it should be one quick truck. Our Raptor may be a Special Vehicle Team (SVT) truck with a 6.2-liter V8 pushing out 411

    Big Green Chevy K10 vs Dodgezilla Ram 1500: Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Rematch (Video)

    We took a 1994 second generation Dodge Ram 1500 and a 1985 Chevy K10 up to the Gold Mine Hill mountain trail for a rematch between Roman's "Big Green" and Mr Truck's "Dodgezilla" project trucks. Previously on Gold Mine Hill, Dodgezilla suffered defeat due to a failure of the 4-wheel-drive system. The

    Can an Old Diesel Be as Quick as a New One? Ram HD Diesel vs GMC Sierra vs Silverado Duramax Drag Race

    2018 gmc sierra hd ram 2500 diesel cummins heavy duramax

    Recently, we put three high torque HD diesel trucks, old and new, to the test in a drag race and see which diesel ranked supreme - and how much faster are the new trucks, or are they? What is defined as old? In this case, it's the 2002 Chevy Silverado HD,