• 2014 chevy silverado towing malibu wake boat

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    1. I think you guys do a great job, and forgive me if this has already been posted. what i would like to see is what 2016 half ton does the best in 4by 4 mabey up gold mine road or someplace new im in the market for a new half ton with the largest engines avalable im leaning on the F 150 maybe the 2017 i live in shouthern Oregon and the weather can get nasty i have a family. snow is our greatest obsticle sometimes getting deep into the snow for the best hunting. i just thought it wound be interesing to see what new half tone has to best to offer for us rednecks over here Thank you.

    2. We found your forum website tfltruck.com and are quite interested in it.
      We are doing the GPS jammer business and have our own online store. I am wondering if it’s possible to advertise on your website-which can be mainly in two formats: either we post thread and links on your forum, or you help us do a product review attached with product links on the forum. In return, we will send you one of our best selling GPS jammer for free. Or in return we may doing a donation after proper discussion.

      Please tell me if it’s okay for you or if you are interested in my proposal.
      Your reply and help will be greatly appreciated.

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