It’s Official: Ram Teases The Hellcat-Powered TRX, Launches Website For More Updates

FCA is firing a shot across Ford's bow, teasing the truck today

It's Official: Ram Teases The Hellcat-Powered TRX

We’ve really had a couple blockbuster years when it comes to major new truck reveals, and 2020 isn’t letting up on that trend. As Ford prepares to debut its new fourteenth-generation F-150 today, Ram is firing a shot across their bow by officially teasing its Hellcat-powered half-ton pickup.

After months of spy shots, speculation and anticipation, the 2021 Ram TRX is coming later this summer.

The Ram TRX is Twitter official

“It’s not a mirage,” Ram says. Well, they’re right about that. Instead, it is a dust cloud that shows nothing of the actual truck. However, if you play the clip above with your volume turned up, there’s still something to be excited about. You can’t see the truck but you can hear it, in all it’s thunderous V8 glory.

Of course, the source of that noise is probably one of the most widely-known “secrets” in the automotive industry. Under that hood will be a 6.2-liter Supercharged V8, bringing Ram’s signature pickup into the stable of FCA’s berserk, 700-plus horsepower beasts. In the truck world, no current factory half-ton even comes close to that level of power. Currently, the front-runner in the game is Ford’s 450 horsepower F-150 Raptor with 510 lb-ft of torque. The Blue Oval will likely respond in some form or fashion to Ram’s ongoing challenge, but for now the Ram TRX should be the undisputed tire-shredding king when it finally debuts in the coming months.

Now, we have seen some images showing off the special touches this Ram is going to get, even among Ram’s ride variety of trim offerings. SRT-themed touches like red stitching, TRX badges, perforated leather steering wheel and shift knob and even a T-Rex devouring a Raptor in the center console. Because, you know, having a several-hundred horsepower advantage isn’t subtle enough.

If you’re interested in getting more updates from Ram, they’ve now set up a bespoke website dedicated to the TRX. Check out the latest on what we currently know below and stay tuned to TFLtruck for more half-ton updates coming soon!