2021 Lordstown Endurance EV Truck Makes World Debut This Thursday & Promises 75 MPGe

Yes, it's the same day as the new 2021 Ford F-150.

2021 lordstown endurance pickup truck ev electric

The new F-150 is not the only new pickup truck that is making its world debut this Thursday June 25th, 2020. The first-ever Lordstown Endurance EV truck unveiling is also planned for the same day. Lordstown is a brand new company with a vision to produce and sell a commercial-grade working pickup truck that is equipped with four in-hub electric motors, which are fed by a battery pack that is packaged neatly into a relatively conventional truck frame.

Big thanks to our friend Larry K. for alerting us to this information and proposing some additional analysis.

Lordstown Endurance

The Endurance truck testing prototypes have been shown to use older GM (Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra) truck body and bed. The truck is shown to use an independent front suspension with coil springs. In the rear is a solid axle suspended with leaf springs. In theory, the truck does not need to have a solid axle in the rear, the electric motors are built into the wheel hubs themselves. There are no drive shafts to speak of.

The company says the new Endurance pickup truck will have a rating of 75 MPGe. For comparison, a 2020 Tesla Model X Performance is EPA-rated at 90 MPGe combined. However, the Model X Performance is not rated to tow up to 7,500 lbs – like the new Lordstown truck promises.

The Endurance promises up to 250+ miles of total driving range and a 30 minute re-charge time using a fast-charger. We will have to test this new pickup truck in order to get the real-world range and re-charge performance. Knowing the estimated driving range and the MPGe numbers, allows us to calculate the battery capacity at around 111 kWh (or 120 kWh with some buffer). This battery capacity is NOT an official statement. It’s our educated guess.

The Endurance EV pickup truck is also said to have true all-wheel-drive. Each motor can be controlled and powered individually. This means the truck could be programmed to have torque vectoring or precise slippery surface performance. This truck could also do a tank turn, similar to the 4 in-board motor Rivian system.

We will see the truck in the flesh this Thursday.