2021 Ford F-150: It Must Have These Top 10 Things To Remain The #1 Truck In America! (Video)

What about the nest Ford Raptor?

2021 ford f-150 must have podcast

The official world debut of the new 2021 Ford F-150 is less than four days away. What should we expect? Here are the Top 10 things the new F-series half-ton must have in order to be successful and remain the best-selling truck in America.

2021 Ford F-150

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Let’s dig into the Top 10 list.

Capability (Payload & Towing)

The current F-150 already has the best payload rating in the class when properly equipped with a heavy duty suspension package. The current maximum towing capacity stands at 13,200 lbs for a properly equipped 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 truck. GM is currently touting maximum towing at 13,400 lbs. Will Ford push their maximum towing capacity even higher?

Value / Price

The current 2020 F-150 starts at $28,745. The new 2021 truck needs to hold the line on the starting price, and perhaps make certain other trims have even more value than before.


The new truck should over all the technology options it currently has, plus add to it. This includes the latest “over the air” truck software updates and more.

Towing Assistance

The current truck offers a 360-degree camera system (on certain models). It also offers their trailer backup assist steering system. The system uses a small knob on the dash near the steering wheel that the driver can use to steer the truck and trailer while backing up. Naturally, these systems will remain (according to the latest interior spy shots). However, there is still room for improvement in order to make these systems easier to setup and more helpful to use.

Styling / Appearance

While any truck is a utility machine, these vehicles are also everyday family trucksters. No matter what the use-case may be, any truck needs to look big, bold, and mucho. It needs to look capable. Ford is updating the front grilles, headlights, and tail lights. However, the cab and the bed structure appears mostly unchanged. We will have to wait and see how the actual truck differs.

Safety / Headlights

Since trucks are becoming ever more popular, they must maintain and improve their passive and active safety features. The current F-150 already has very good crash ratings, but the night vision remains an area for improvement. Truck of all trim levels and sizes should have headlights that are effective and good. Perhaps, the luxury versions of the new truck will actually offer a night vision camera?

Fuel Economy

Ford has continued to improve the fuel efficiency of their trucks over the years. The EcoBoost engines were first introduced for the 2011 model year. Ford more recently added the 10-speed automatic transmission to most of their trucks. The latest “Eco” mode for the transmission and the engine management software allow the trucks to gain efficiencies. However, there is alway room for improvement. It will be interesting to see what else Ford will do to improve on efficiency.

Engine Lineup

Ford currently has six power-train options. The latest leaked information suggest that Ford is considering to keep most of the current engine options with some improvements. At this time, unofficial information suggests that the 5.0-liter V8 is staying for 2021. We will see what the official specs will be.


Ram trucks recently changed the game for truck interiors. Ram elevated the quality, look, and feel of their interiors. Ford needs to make some big improvements in this area in order to maintain sales leadership.


New and existing competitors are promising all-electric trucks within the next year. Ford is promising a gas/electric hybrid F-150. The rumor is that it will be a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 hybrid. Ford is also promising an all-electric F-150 within about two years.


The new 2021 truck needs to have several wow factors. Perhaps, a new fancy tailgate or a lay down seat (like a first class plane seat). We will see what else the new truck will offer. 

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