This Ford F-150 Lasted Over Half A MILLION Miles – and There’s More! (Video)

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly about high mileage trucks.

ford f-150 half a million miles certified

Half a million miles is mighty far!

In this edition of “Dude, I love (or hate) My Ride – @homeEdition” we get to see and learn everything about an Ford F-150 that just passed 500,000 miles. That’s right, half a million miles! First we want to cover the other trucks in this video. The first truck is a van!

2007 Chevrolet Express with 448,000 + miles

Michael, from Mississippi, sent us a video featuring his 2007 Chevrolet Express with over 448K miles on the ticker. He bought the van brand new and used it for his business. There have been some major changes for this van over the years.

It has had two engines, four transmissions (one replaced at 30,000+ miles under warranty) and several replaced wheel bearings. The paint is falling off too.

Michael’s new van!

He bought a new 2019 model, so this video he sent us is a bit of a goodbuy. We get to see his new van in the video as well! Interesting insight about replacing major components on a hardworking work vehicle.

2003 Ford F-350 with 375,000 + miles

Jeff from Indiana has a 2003 Ford F-350 Lariat with a 7.3 Power Stroke. It’s a dually with a few exterior upgrades. He has had no major issues with the engine or transmission.

It’s a great looking truck. He replaced the bed (midwestern rust) and the front bumper. The interior and major components appear to be in great shape.

During the video, Jeff talks about maintenance and additions. He loves this truck and doesn’t see a reason to get rid of it anytime soon.

1997 Ford F-150 with 500,000 + miles

Jacob from Ohio has a 1997 Ford F-150 with the 4.6-liter V8. He’s taken pretty good car of it and the old F-150 seems like it’s taking good car of him. Over half a million miles is something to be proud of!

He changed the lights to LEDs for safety, and for a little bling. A few interior upgrades like seat-covers were added as well as an Apple car-play capable radio. Jacob assed a Good ol’ American flag to replace the headliner.

It leaks around the valve cover gaskets and he also has a bit of an exhaust leak. There’s rust in several places as well, but he doesn’t seem to mind. All in all, it’s still a solid ride.

Here’s Andre’s take: “Some cars just seem to keep on going, and going, and going from here to the Moon and back (and then some more for good measure). These are some high mileage heroes that have made it to half a million miles!”

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