Ferrari and This New Cimarron Freedom Toy Hauler Have One Thing In Common! (Video)

They say - this is the fastest trailer in the world.

cimarron freedom trailer transwest frederick

You have seen us tow very big and luxurious horse trailers before, but the new Cimarron Freedom trailer is a toy hauler with a large garage space. The Freedom trailer is over 40 feet long. It has a customized living space, but it also has one thing in common with a Ferrari or any other supercar. This trailer has a spoiler on the back. More about this later.

Thanks to our friends at Transwest Truck Trailer RV for showing us every aspect of this trailer.

The front compartment is a living space with bed space for up to four people. It’s a custom conversion by Outlaw. The space has a complete kitchen, bathroom, storage cabinets, TVs, and its own build-in Wifi capability.

In the back is a 16-foot long garage space. This is where you can store your side-by-side, golf cart, motorcycle, bikes, and more. There are two folding couches in the back as well. The rear folding door is sturdy enough to handle a vehicle of considerable weight, but it depends on the wheelbase of your vehicle. In general, you do not want to put both axles of a heavy vehicle on the door at the same time. If your vehicle wheelbase is longer, like a 4-seater Can Am Maverick or Polaris Ranger – then the overall weight is less of an issue.

Check out all of the details in the video!