This New Cimarron Horse Trailer Is Large And Luxurious — Here’s A Complete Tour Inside And Out! (Video)

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2020 cimarron trailer horse bumper pull transwest

This Cimarron horse trailer is over 24-feet long

Built for four (pampered) horses, this Cimarron horse trailer is the longest bumper-pull trailers they make. Our friends at Trans West truck, trailer and RV loaned us this trailer for extensive testing. Its size and weight is ideal for our next series of tow testing which will cover mid to full-size trucks and SUVs.

The overall length (with tung) is about 24-feet, about seven-feet high and it’s about seven-feet wide. The all-aluminum trailer weighs about 4,200 lbs dry and it can handle nearly 8,000-lbs of total payload.

One notable feature is the heavy duty tandem axles. They have eight lugs and each axle can hold 6,000-lbs each. The spare tire is the same wheel/tire combo as the ones equipped (rather than an obvious steel one). Total capacity is about 12,000 lbs.

We’ve tested other Cimarron horse trailers before, including one that costs as much as a new Lamborghini. You can read about that one (here).

Lots of doors and windows

There are two entry doors for humans, one on each side. On the driver’s side, there is access to the horses. The passenger’s side door leads to storage/tack room. An all aluminum stud door is a the front, along with stall doors for the other horses. There are also four air vents and LED lights. The trailer has nine sliding windows as well.

The tack room has a swing-out carrier built for four saddles and blankets.

Andre not only shows you around the trailer in detail, he also demonstrates how to locate and read the trailer’s VIN. Everyone at TFL Studios is excited about this trailer as it will be getting a ton of use in the near future!

Check out this video and let us know how you think we should test it!

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