This 2011 Ram HD 3500 Has an All Original Cummins Diesel, Transmission and Emissions Controls With Over 523,000 Miles!

Can this truck go a full 1 million miles? Why not!

high mileage 2011 ram 3500 hd cummins diesel aisin transmission emissions million miles
High milage 2011 Ram HD 3500 dually (photo: Adam P.)

Here is an all-original 2011 Ram HD 3500 dually with an original 6.7-liter Cummins I6 turbo-diesel, original 6-speed 68RFE automatic transmission, and original emissions equipments that has over 523,000 miles. Thanks to Adam for sending us the images and the story behind this truck.

Adam says that his dad purchased this truck brand new in 2011. It was a “hot shot” delivery truck. It was towing camping trailers and other loads across the country for about eight years. He transferred the truck to Adam about a year ago with around 509,000 miles. The truck now has over 523,000 miles.

What about the Ram 68RFE 6-speed automatic transmission that is not highly rated by many owners? Here is what Adam sent to us:

Adam P. writes:

“I’ve done regular maintenance, but I always run my exhaust brake. This has saved thousands in repairs no doubt. The entire emissions system is intact and functional. The transmission has not been rebuilt. It has the original turbo, and the engine has not been cracked. I use Rotella T6 oil at 5,000 mile intervals. Even the rear brakes are original, now with low pad life.”

It’s noteworthy and impressive that the engine, turbocharger, and transmission have not been rebuilt or needed major work. The truck was regularly maintained and the oil changed often. Considering this truck average around 64,000 miles per year when it was working, this equates to an engine oil change once every month.

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