Project Gun Smoke Is Back! Making Our Ford F-350 7.3L Diesel Safer For the Road (Video Update)

Here is how much we spent so far.

1989 ford f-350 diesel fix wheels
1989 Ford F-350 diesel (non-turbo)

Our beloved 1989 Ford F-350 4×4 project “Gun Smoke” truck is back from the shop, and it’s safer for the road. Here is a quick update before we give you the complete next episode. This is about how much we spent on the truck so far.

As you may know, we plan to fix up this 4WD one-ton truck. We want to make it safe, more functional off-road and on pavement, and looking better than before. Once we are done with the truck, and we take it on some off-road adventures – it will be auctioned off for a charity. This truck is donated by David Morrow and family. All final sales proceeds go to benefit Mountain States Children’s Home.

The truck’s brakes were not working very well. The brake pedal had way too much travel, and they did not work consistently. The rear fuel was leaking badly. We took the truck to Devon’s shop. The brake system master cylinder is now replaced to get it working well and safe, all engine accessory belts are replaced, and the secondary rear fuel tank is now drained and sealed off. It was not worth re-plumbing and/or replacing the secondary tank, so we will be running on just one tank.

Here are Tommy and Kase with the latest video update for project Gun Smoke. Stay tuned for more, because we have big plans to fix the body panels on this truck.

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