Is the APG Ford Ranger Prorunner a Step Beyond the Ranger Raptor?

This is a very serious suspension and body kit upgrade.

2020 ford ranger prorunner apg

Ford Ranger Pro Runner?

This could be pretty big for those of you who pine for a Ford Ranger Raptor and live on these shores. If you have a current Ford Ranger 4X4 and a spare $11,573 – $15,948, you can upgrade to an APG Ranger Pro Runner. This isn’t a simple cosmetic upgrade; it’s a comprehensive physical upgrade that just happens to look pretty badass.

This is not a complete upgrade. It appears that the powertrain remains the same. There is no mention of any interior upgrades either. While it looks a lot like a Ranger Raptor – it isn’t. That may not be a bad thing.

The Ford Ranger Raptor

There are rumors that we could get a version of the Ford Ranger Raptor in the United States. Right now, the Ranger Raptor sells only overseas and it’s powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel. Like the Ford F-150 Raptor we enjoy, the Ranger Raptor is fully outfitted with a serious, long-travel suspension system, armor, unique body components and a lots of attitude.

Americans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on one.

We have seen some test mules running around the United States, but that doesn’t confirm anything for our market. There are a few companies that will build you a close approximation to the Ranger Raptor as well. Still, it’s an expensive proposition.

Series One Kit ($11,573) includes APG:

  • Extended length front axle shafts
  • Front coil-over spacers
  • Upper and lower (powder coated) control arms
  • Front hub-centric wheel rings
  • Driver and passenger tie-rod extension kit
  • Rear wheel adaptors with additional lug nuts
  • Custom front “winch-capable” aluminum front bumper
  • Full carbon fiber extended front fenders
  • Extended carbon fiber bed fender extensions

Other standard equipment and accessories are listed on their website.

These items can be installed for a total $15,948 – before additional add-ons.

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