Here’s How To Get A Brand New Trailer Ready For Years Of Hard Use! (Video)

The new trailer gets a better look and more function.

2020 norstar iron bull car hauler
Norstar Iron Bull car hauler

TFL gets a new long-term trailer. It’s an Iron Bull 18-foot flat deck car hauler by Norstar. It’s heavy duty, and it has a new pressure treated pine deck, and we immediately go to work to seal and stain the surface.

Thanks to our friends at Norstar Iron Bull and for helping us get this trailer.

This Iron Bull has a steel frame construction and two heavy duty 7,000 lbs axles. The empty trailer weighs just about 3,000 lbs (including the spare tire). It means it has a payload capacity of 11,000 lbs. We can carry even the heaviest SUVs and trucks on this trailer. The floor surface is 16 feet long with an extra 2 foot dove tail and manually retractable loading ramps.

A long wheelbase HD truck would not fit on top of this trailer by length, but this is not why we chose this trailer. This trailer will be mainly used for taking off-road SUVs and side-by-sides to and from off-road locations. We will also use the trailer for truck SUV and truck towing evaluations.

Our latest team member, Kase, is on the job to seal and stain the trailer surface in order to have this trailer last a long time in the brutal Colorado sun. Colorado is generally very dry, and the high elevation sun is intense.

Check out the video as we get the trailer ready for action.