Ford Super Duty 7.3L Gas V8 Gets More Power with a Customized 5 Star Tune (News)

Here is an easy way to get more 7.3L Godzilla V8 Power!

2020 Ford Super Duty F-350 (photo: 5 Star Tuning)

Not all of 5 Star Tunes are the same

TFLtruck jumped on beefing up their project 2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 early on with an exhaust tune. 5 Star Tuning is one of the first to do a comprehensive tune. The photos and graphs we obtained were posted on their Facebooks page and we’re excited about the prospects of what a tune for the 7.3-liter gas engine could reveal.

In some cases, 5 Star Tuning produces jaw-dropping numbers with both power and torque. You can read about what they recently did with the new Ford Explorer (here). In other cases, it’s not just about the big power numbers, sometimes it’s about drivability.

We did videos with 5 Star on the dyno to get some baseline numbers on the 7.3-liter V8. Now, they release their custom tuning for the 7.3-liter engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. This makes the powertrain slightly more powerful, but it also allows the driver to have a better experience with the 10-speed transmission.

They have several tune options for the Super Duty 7.3-liter gas engine you can see (here).

The results show the tune using 93 octane, 87 octane and a stock run on 87 octane.

According to this graph: if you use 93 octane fuel wit the tune, your get 400 horsepower and 460 lbs-feet of torque at the wheels. That’s a 47 lb-ft gain using 87 octane and 59 lb-ft on 93 octane. On top of that, the transmission setup works with the tune to insure smoothness and reliability.

Speaking of tunes from our friends at 5 Star tuning – check out this video where we get the baseline on the 2020 Super Duty 7.3L V8 and compare it to the 6.2L V8!

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