Truck Emoji War! Ford vs Chevy? Pickup Truck Competition Has No Limits! #TruckEmojiWar

(image: @ChevyTrucks)

If the world of pickup trucks was not already hyper-competitive enough, the competitive nature has spilled over in the world of emoji. #TruckEmojiWorld

There was no pickup truck emoji at that point in time, and there is still no little image to represent the most popular vehicle in the United States. Here is the pickup truck emoji that Ford initially proposed back in July 2019.

(image: @Ford @FordTrucks)

The community organization considered the proposal, and recently released another truck emoji that has been redrawn and reimagined. Here it is below. The Emojipedia states that this new red pickup truck emoji will be released “in the second half of 2020” as part of the 13.0 version of the code.


While the new emoji is a much more cartoonish, @Ford twitter account still made the announcement on Jan 31, 2020. @ChevyTrucks published an image of a cartoon version of a Chevy Silverado towing the new #truckEmoji on a trailer about the same time. Hence, #TruckEmojiWar !