Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Orders May Have Passed The 500,000 Mark, Based On Tracking Spreadsheet

Tesla has not officially reported pre-orders yet, but signs from owners are encouraging

Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Orders May Have Passed The 500,000 Mark, Based On Tracking Spreadsheet

There’s an awful lot of hype, as you’d expect, surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck and it’s upcoming 2021/2022 launch. Now, a tracking spreadsheet on the Cybertruck Owners Club forums shows more than half a million people have put their names down for their own Cybertruck when they start rolling off the production line. At time of writing, the reservations stand at more than 532,000 according to their data.

All this data is unofficial, as Tesla has not disclosed in great detail how many people have ordered a Cybertruck to date. Instead, owners are encouraged to update the spreadsheet with their reservation number to track the existing pre-orders. However, depending on the spreadsheet’s accuracy, there are some interesting trends you could take away from the data that’s available.

Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Orders May Have Passed The 500,000 Mark, Based On Tracking Spreadsheet

Split demand for dual and tri-motor models

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated during the reveal ceremony that the Cybertruck would start off at just $39,900. That’s for the single motor model, while the dual motor version starts at $49,900. Finally, Tesla’s asking $69,900 for the triple motor variant, before any applicable EV credits. Musk tweeted back in November 2019 that, out of 146,000 Cybertruck pre-orders, 17 percent went for the single motor model. A further 42 percent split the difference with the dual motor version. Finally, the remaining 41 percent opted for the top-spec tri-motor Cybertruck. These are the same take rates mentioned in the spreadsheet, though the landscape among the three models has surely shifted since then.

The spreadsheet also goes into detail breaking down pre-orders based on region, and supposedly you can also use the information to determine your place in the queue based on Tesla’s regional roll out when it does get around to delivering the Cybertruck to customers.

Some caveats to think about

Back in November, Musk tweeted that Cybertruck preorders passed the 250,000 mark, little more than a week after the reveal. Inside EVs also pointed out that during Tesla’s last earnings call, he also said that, while Tesla doesn’t comment on exact numbers, the demand is greater than the company’s production capacity for three or four years.

Based on what we’ve heard from Musk so far, it’s reasonable to assume the half-million pre-order number is correct. Bear in mind, though, that these aren’t full-on purchases. Anyone can reserve a Cybertruck right now with a fully refundable $100 deposit. When we get closer to actual production, all 532,000 people likely won’t follow the transaction through, either because they can’t really afford it and just put up $100 to say they reserved a Cybertruck, they just change their mind about wanting one, or something else.

While owners are updating the spreadsheet with their own reservations, these numbers are still estimates. Again, the spreadsheet shows 532,000+ reservations, but the actual number may be lower considering we haven’t had a concrete update from Tesla itself.

What do you think? Have you put a reservation in on the Tesla Cybertruck? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Tesla news!