I Drive a 2020 Ford F-550 Dump Truck With Tons Of Dirt! Who Says Work Trucks Can’t Be Fun? (Video)

The new 7.3L V8 has the bark and the power.

2020 ford f-550 dump truck

The new 2020 Ford F-550 commercial grade truck has a new engine option. It’s the 7.3-liter gas V8. The old 6.8-liter gas V10 is no more. Yes, you can still get the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel, but I had to jump into this gasser to see how it drive with a heavy load.

2020 Ford F-550

The commercial power rating for a 7.3-liter gas V8 is rated at 350 hp @ 3,900 rpm and 468 lb-ft of torque @ 3,900 rpm. The heavy duty 10-speed automatic transmission is backing up this engine in this big dump truck. This F-550 is a chassis cab, and the dump bed is just one of many accessories and bodies you can add to the chassis.

The 2020 Ford commercial trucks also offers a Power Take Off (PTO) unit to run additional equipment and accessories.

The F-550 also has a great turning radius that I test in this video test. Check out the video for all the fun.