Rumor Mill! Will the Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Use a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Electric Hybrid Power Plant? Coming in August 2020

Based on new TNGA truck platform.

2020 toyota land cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series by Autolife

Will the next (2022) Toyota Land Cruiser 300-series use a new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 electric hybrid power plant? Will it be based on the new TNGA architecture? Will it have new style and tech?

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

This unofficial rumor comes to us courtesy Practical Motoring in Australia. The source claims that the all-new 300-series Land Cruiser will be officially shown in August 2020 – presumably for the Australian market. Land Cruiser is currently one of the most popular SUVs in Australia. The current 200-series is powered by a big turbo-diesel engine.

It would make sense that the new Land Cruiser would come to Australia, and be there perhaps ahead of some other world markets.

We are currently unable to confirm nor deny this rumor via official sources at Toyota. We will keep a watchful eye on this topic in the near future, and provide you with any updates.

We have another anonymous source with insider information tell us that the next-gen Toyota Tundra will be a 2022 model in the USA, and the new Tundra will go on sale in December of 2021. Toyota did not officially comment on this information.