GM Electric Pickup Truck Will Have This Shape – Follows a Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in Michigan (News)

Next-gen all electric truck will have a traditional shape.

2022 hummer gmc gm electric pickup truck
GM Electric Pickup Truck to start production in late 2021

General Motors and the state of Michigan make several announcements today in relation to the production of the next-generation of all-electric pickup trucks and SUVs at the Detroit-Hamtramck facility.

The only outline image of the future pickup truck has a very traditional pickup shape that is similar to a current Chevy Silverado or Chevy Colorado. It has a front hood, followed by a four-door cabin, followed by a pickup bed in the back.

GM says the first all-electric truck will be a pickup. Production is slated to start in late 2021. This follows a $2.2 billion investment in this plant and additional investments at the supplier chain facilities. GM’s partnership with LG Chem results in an additional investment of $2.3 billion to manufacture battery cells in Lordstown, Ohio. The Lordstown facility will also be building their own Lordstown Motors Endurance lineup of electric pickup trucks.

2021 lordstown endurance ohio gm electric pickup truck

The next two years will be most interesting with relation to electrified trucks and SUVs. GM also announces that while the pickup truck will be the first electrified vehicle produced, there will be several electric truck variants also built there, including SUVs.

Here is a closer look at the electric trucks that will be coming soon.