2020 Ford Super Duty Claims Best Snow Plow Capacity (News)

The bigger the plow the better.

2020 Ford F-350 XL 7.3L gas V8 snow plow
2020 Ford F-350 XL 7.3L gas V8 (photo: Ford)

Ford announces the newest 2020 Ford Super Duty snow plow package with a claimed best-in-class 1,400 lbs of plow weight capacity.

2020 Ford Super Duty

Snow plow packages on heavy duty trucks is nothing new. It usually includes taller and/or stiffer front springs that allow the truck to carry a mighty big and heavy snow plow.

Ford claims that a gas-powered 2020 Super Duty has a 1,400 lbs snow plow rating, and a turbo-diesel has a 1,290 lbs rating. Naturally, a diesel engine is heavier than a gasoline-fed counterpart.

You can always check your truck’s front GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) so see which suspension spring package you have.

A heavy plow is a good thing if you are serious about clearing deep and heavy snow. Ford says that snow removal is an annual industry worth approximately $18 billion, according to a study conducted by the Snow and Ice Management Association® and Wolfworx/Singer Consulting.

The 2020 Ford heavy duty trucks have other cold weather features such as the windshield wipers de-icer that preheats the windshield where the wipers are located. These trucks can be optioned with a heated steering wheel, heated seats, and an amber strobe light kit.

The snow plow package also includes a higher capacity alternator to handle heavy electrical loads required by a hydraulic snow plow mechanism.

If you have a heavy plow hanging out front, you need some extra weight to counter balance it in the back. This is why most big snow plow trucks carry a sand spreader or some other heavy load in the bed.


2020 chevy silverado hd 2500 3500 hd

General Motors currently lists the 2020 HD truck maximum snow plow rating at 1,200 lbs.

Ram lists there HD trucks at a maximum 1,265 lbs snow plow rating.

If you wondering exactly how much power the 7.3-liter gas V8 produces in the real world, take a look at the video below.