This V16 Marine Engine Should Do Just Fine in a Truck!

This engine may cost close to $100,000.

1,400 hp V16 engine for car/truck use:

Sixteen Power LLC unveiled a V16 marine engine that can produce up to 2,200 hp in a current configuration. It has 14 litters of displacement and is based on two GM LSx V8 engines put together.

What if you wanted to put such an engine into a hot rod – your new modified truck? The folks at Sixteen Power got your back. They converted the marine version of the to standard automotive exhaust headers accessory-drive system.

This V16 engine can come in several configurations: naturally-aspirated version at 900-1,400 hp, a supercharged version with around 1,600 hp, or a quad-turbocharged version with 2,000 hp or more.

Considering that a built LSx engine weighs close to 500 lbs, this V16 likely weighs twice that at about 1,000 lbs.

Reports put this marine V16 engine price at $100,000. An automotive version of the engine is likely to cost somewhere in that neighborhood.

Check out the video below for an engine dyno run. This giant motor goes up to around 6,000 rpm and makes those exhausts glow red!

What truck would you this engine into? What truck has enough engine bay space for this?