Did Elon Musk take the Tesla Cybertruck to Go to Dinner? (Updated with Video)

This Cybertruck has a towing hitch and no side mirrors.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck towing hitch LAX
2022 Tesla Cybertruck at LAX

Take a look at the Tesla Cybertruck in the wild at the LAX airport and in West LA. The truck was seen driving in public, also following a Tesla Model 3.

These images come to us courtesy of Cybertruck Owner’s Club.

Tesla Cybertruck

This particular Cybertruck appears to be the same as the one that made its world debut at the Nov 21, 2019 event.

There is also something new. This Cybertruck is showing off a standard-looking two-inch towing hitch underneath its rear bumper. It appears to be ready to tow, but no trailer was seen.

This Cybertruck does not appear to have side mirrors, but it is interesting to see it on a public street next to the Model 3 and other cars.


The truck was later spotted by Roberto Cruz at or near the Nobu restaurant. It is not clear if Elon Musk was driving or being driven in the truck, but this is the rumor.