Could This Be a Ram (or Jeep) Electric Plug-in Hybrid Truck? (Spied in the Wild)

Ram/Jeep prototype (photo: Marco M.)

Could this Ram truck prototype be testing their latest electric plug-in hybrid power system? How do we know, and why pose this question? These latest images come to us from Marco M. in Los Angeles, and Marco states the prototype accelerated and drove “silently”.

These images give us the closest look yet at the rear suspension of this prototype, which appears to be independent and not a solid rear axle. The rear suspension is obscured by camouflage, but there is a visible single exhaust pipe on the passenger side.

This leads us to believe that the prototype is not a pure electric vehicle, but it may use some sort of gas/electric hybrid powertrain.

The recent FCA / UAW agreement showed that Jeep is planning a PHEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle) Wagoneer full-size SUV. This Ram truck prototype with independent rear suspension could be an early test mule for a Jeep Wagoneer PHEV.