Ram Power Wagon vs GMC Sierra HD AT4: You’ll Be Surprised Which One Has Better Off-Road Specs!

The 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon vs the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD AT4
(Photo: TFLtruck)

The 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon vs. 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 is not your average off-road comparison. We know the Power Wagon and new Ford Super Duty Tremor both have more off-road moxie than the GMC AT4. Solid front axles truly help, so do locking or limited-slip front axles and so-on.

Keep in mind: there is more to this comparison than off-road ability. As all-around work vehicles go, the competition is closer than you think. In fact, all three trucks surprised us with their driving dynamics and strengths.

AT4 HD vs Ram Power Wagon
(Photo: TFLtruck)

Here’s TFLtruck’s overall off-road scores for all three trucks:

Ford SD TremorGMC Sierra HD AT4Ram 2500 Power Wagon
Tires:35-in Goodyear Duratrac34-in Goodyear TrailRunner33-in Goodyear Duratrac
Ground Clearance:10.8 in10.12 in14.2 in* / 9.0 in
Approach Angle:31.65 deg24.9 deg29.4 deg
Breakover Angle:TBD18.7 deg22.0 deg
Departure Angle:24.51 deg21.9 deg26.0 deg
Crawl Ratio:Gas: 53:1, Diesel: 44:1Gas: 40.7:1, Diesel: 42:1Gas: 51:1
RTI score:436365538
Lockers:F: LSD
R: Selectable
F: Open
R: Mech/G80
F: Selectable
R: Selectable

What these numbers don’t tell you is the driving characteristics of the GMC and Ram. As much as we admire the Ram Power Wagon’s off-road capability, we fully acknowledge the GMC Sierra HD AT4’s ease of driving as an everyday driver.

In this video, Andre explores many of the important and superflerious details about both trucks. In the end, it all comes down to personal tastes and the needs of the driver. Still, we feel both trucks are downright remarkable.

Watch this video and see what you think!