Ouch! This 1,000 Mile One Day Overland Trip Really Beat Us Up! | Torture Test Ep.4 (Video)

Having an adventure in the rain!

On this episode of the TFLtruck torture test series, we drive our Rebel Rouser project truck over 1,000 miles in one day on an overland camping trip with a trailer. Along the way, we also measure our fuel economy, and spend a night in Oregon. It just so happens that nearly the entire trip from Oregon to Colorado was also in heavy rain.

This is part of our Torture Test video series in partnership with Shell Rotella Gas Truck engine oil. We changed the oil in the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 to the new Rotella fully synthetic engine oil. The idea is to put over 7,500 miles on the truck while also completing five torture tests. At the end, we will look inside the engine to see how it held up. This episode also has our oil analysis results from Polaris Laboratories.

Torture Test Video Series

This time we start the trip in Bend, Oregon. We were there at an overland show/gathering. We are towing a Boreas XT camping trailer from Into The Wild Overland. The fully outfitted trailer weight with an additional rooftop tent and our gear weighs approximately 2,500 lbs.

The Rebel Rouser truck has a few modifications: a two-inch front suspension leveling kit by Falcon, 35-inch Toyo all-terrain tires, Mopar performance air intake and exhaust systems, LINE-X truck gear accessories, and more.

We know what fuel economy this truck is capable of on the highway from a different trip from Colorado to Moab, UT. We got 19.2 MPG on that trip with no load.

This torturous overland towing trip returned a result of 12.6 MPG. Driving in the rain the entire time did not help the economy, but it made the trip more difficult (which is what we wanted).

Take a look at the video and join the adventure.