The Neuron T/ONE pickup EV and TORQ Semi-Truck EV Look Pretty Cool

Will they actually make it to production?

[Images: Neuron]

The Neuron T/ONE aims to challenge Tesla.

All the computer-generated images you see are of the Neuron T/ONE EUV (electric utility vehicle) and the electric semi-truck known as TORQ. Neuron, established in 2017 in California, is a start-up company with aspirations to build a multitude of vehicles on various platforms.

There is no data about range, power, price or possible production dates – nothing. Still, the renderings look like they could represent real vehicles in the near future. If nothing else, they are ambitious.

Neuron says that there’s a replaceable reserve power unit and a removable solar panel truck bed cover. Solar panels may be part of the other configurations as well. While only so much power can be pulled from the sun, it may extend the range a bit.

The Neuron T/ONE is a platform that is supposed to support many variants including an SUV/van and a pickup truck. Each of these images provide a few clues as to Neuron’s intent. This includes the ability to tow and (possibly) a 4×4 setup.

The Neuron TORQ

Like the T/ONE, the Neuron TORQ appears to support a variety of different applications. There is a bus, dump truck and semi-truck illustrated. Much like Tesla’s future products, these vehicles look futuristic and plausible.

Neuron says the TORQ’s driver will have 360° view. This is accomplished using wireless systems that allow cameras to see in all directions. This also means an array of video screens, or a multifunctional screen to assist the driver.

Image: Neuron

The platforms are modular, allowing multiple configurations. Body components and hardware are supposed to be interchangeable. It looks like both platforms are similar to the Rivian and upcoming Ford EV pickup truck.

You can read about those vehicles and the Tesla “Cybertruck” here.

Image: Neuron

That platform may be a skateboard-like flat battery pack that doubles as the backbone for both applications. This also means that the cockpits would be free of obstructions giving the driver more space, better visibility and greater internal cargo space.

Once again, there is no data available on these vehicles.

Image: Neuron

There is a quote

Neuron says of these concepts, “Both vehicles feature a modular platform, upgradeable technology, versatile cargo functionality, a first-class interior experience, and iconic aerodynamics. These vehicles were created to reduce waste and bring forth renewable solutions for the preservation of our environment.”

There is no word on additional information yet. We will keep an eye on this story and give you every update we get. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out other trucks that are closer to actual production:

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