Does Size Really Matter? We Compare The New 2020 Ford Tremor to the Ranger FX4 Pickup! (Video)

2020 Ford Tremor vs Ford Ranger FX4

How tall is the new 2020 Ford Tremor truck? We have a unique opportunity to compare these two off-road trucks from Ford. It’s the new Super Duty Tremor versus the most off-road worthy Ford midsize truck available in the United States – the Ranger FX4.

2020 Ford Tremor

The new 2020 Ford Tremor is one of the more imposing trucks you can buy from the factory. If you thought the regular Ford Super Duty 4×4 trucks were big and tall, the Tremor is taller. This off-road packages gives the Super Duty 4×4 a 1.5-inch lift in the front and a 2-inch lift in the rear.

The Ford Tremor ground clearance is listed at 10.8 inches, and the truck has 33 inches of water fording capability.

Ford Ranger FX4Ford F250 Tremor
Height (overall)71 in83 in
Width (w/ mirrors)85 in106 in
Length (overall)210 in251 in
Bed rail height56 in61 in
Tires31 in35 in

*TFLtruck measurements in the table above (not official Ford numbers)

Here are the other crucial off-road measurements for the 2020 Ford Tremor. The specifications listed below come directly from Ford.

Ranger FX4Ford Tremor
Approach Angle28.7 deg31.65 deg
Breakover Angle21.5 degTBD
Departure Angle25.4 deg24.5 deg
Ground Clearance (axle differential)8.9 in10.8 in
Crawl Ratio47.6:1Gas: 53:1, Diesel: 44:1

The crawl ratio is determined by multiplying the: First Gear Ratio x Rear Differential Ratio x 4-Low Range Ratio. The new Ford Tremor comes equipped with two engine options: 7.3-liter gas V8 or a 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8. Both of these are backed by the same new 10-speed automatic transmission, and the same transfer case. However, the two are equipped with different rear axle ratios, hence the different crawl ratios.

In this video, Roman and Tommy climb around both of these trucks to find out exactly how big they are, and compare their off-road capability and comfort (by the numbers).