Will The New 2021 Ford F-150 Have a 12-inch or a 15.5-inch Infotainment Display with New Wireless SYNC 4 Capability? (News)

Is this a new 2021 Ford F-150 screen?

Ford unveils the next generation of their infotainment system. The company says that the new and more powerful SYNC 4 will start to replace the existing SYNC 3 system within a few months on new 2020 vehicles and beyond. Ford reveals many of the new SYNC 4 features and capabilities, which you can find below.

They also foreshadow that the system will be available in several screen sizes: from 8 to 15.5 inches. Several of the the blue background landscape screenshots are meant for a “12-inch screen”. This begs a question – will the updated 2021 Ford F-150 trucks use a 12-inch screen in landscape horizontal orientation, or perhaps a 15.5-inch screen that is mounted in portrait mode? Naturally, there may also be other screen sizes as well.

ford sync 4 2021 2020 system vertical big screen portrait apple android
Ford SYNC 4

Before we get to more truck discussion, here is a quick run down on the latest SYNC 4 features and improvements, according to Ford.

  • SYNC 4 processing power is about twice that of the older SYNC 3 system.
  • SYNC 4 has updated graphic design/interface with latest conversational voice recognition.
  • SYNC 4 allows for multitasking within the same screen view: navigation & music, music & trip info & climate controls, and much more.
  • SYNC 4 allows for wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration, as well as SYNC AppLink (for Waze and Ford+Alexa).
  • SYNC 4 provides wireless software updates for the system itself and for other vehicle updates and maintenance items. Ford says that many vehicle updates are meant to work in the background without rendering the vehicle useless during the update. This wireless update capability will be available on many 2020 vehicles and newer, both gasoline powered and electrified. Ford says this type wireless update capability is an industry first.
  • SYNC 4 uses artificial intelligence to tailor the user experience to each individual user.
  • The new system also offers a searchable owner’s manual and much more.

We have not had a chance to experience the new SYNC 4 in person yet, but all these new features and capabilities are a welcome change.

What about the trucks? Some of the screenshot show a little pickup truck “Features” icon for the system that is labeled as “12-inch screen” version.

The new 2019 and 2020 Ram trucks offer a large vertical 12-inch infotainment display on their more luxurious models. This type of display and the new interior design has received very positive feedback so far. It would make sense if Ford is looking to match or better the new truck’s infotainment capability and overall interior design.