This Luxury Toyota Land Cruiser from Ukraine Is a MAGNUM, Wait Until You See the Interior

Photo: AutoLife

The Magnum is the best thing to come out of Kiev since a chicken dish!

The Magnum is a heavily customized Toyota Land Cruiser built to impress on the streets of Eastern Europe. Radical changes to the Land Cruiser 200 were perpetrated by AutoLife. Ukrainian based, the tuning company responsible for the Magnum, is based in Kiev. Many tuners who work on Toyota Land Cruisers tend to make them more off-road worthy, but this rig is built for comfort. Purists might be taken aback.

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At least it is unique.

The AutoLife Magnum is mostly an extreme body kit on the outside and an extremely unique interior inside. Every Magnum is treated to a unique tire and wheel package. Street-biased looks abound as there are fender flairs, spoilers and macho exterior trim everywhere.

Before you balk at the slightly overwrought exterior (which is 3.9-inches wider), remember, at least it does not look like a normal Land Cruiser.

Photo: AutoLife

In defense of the interior…

Deep leather additions cover the interior. Enough red and blue leather is used throughout to startle the most avant-garde of tastes. Needing a more luxurious back seat, AutoLife ripped out the Toyota seat and added one from a BMW 7 Series long wheelbase.

Photo: AutoLife

Inside the door panels and along the seating surfacers, diamond patterns abound. Most of the interior is covered in either red leather or red fabric which is covering the headliner. Perforated leather seats and just about everything you can touch is red or blue leather. Everything else is a bit of metal, fabric and plastic.

About the only thing not covered in red or blue leather is the thick shag-carpeted cargo area. Cargo areas tend to be the domain of rugged plastics, rubbers and metal – but not this one. Hand-stitched red fabric boarders the cargo area mats.

No word on pricing or availability. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be pricey. Wild, rockstar-looking vehicles like these tend to go for double, even triple of what the original vehicle’s price was.

There is a video too. It’s all in Russian, not Ukrainian – we don’t know why. Mighty unique vehicle – no? Even though it’s a bit overpowering to look at, some might admire the attempt. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not easy to make a Land Cruiser look different.

SEMA might be a fun place to see something like this. Unless there’s a major shift in products that are permitted – I doubt it. Perhaps, we’ll see something like this in Roman’s parking lot soon?

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