The Best and Easiest Mods to Protect Your Truck & More Truck Gear! Ram Rebel Rouser Ep.8 (Video)

Some easy mods going on!

Our Ram Rebel Rouser project pickup truck is ready to head to Las Vegas for the 2019 SEMA show. Fortunately, all of our modifications are finished beforehand. We feel that the two easiest (and best) mods for many pickup truck users are a proper bed-liner and a tonneau cover.

We brought the Rebel Rouser to our friends at NoCo LINE-X in Loveland, Colorado for a spray-in bedliner. Andre documents the step-by-step process used to prep and spray the truck. It’s a more involved process than we expected and the results were outstanding. We recommend visiting for those of you who are considering a bed-liner.

The second upgrade is a tonneau cover provided as part of Truck Gear by LINE-X. This hard-cover, three-section, folding cover for security and added utility. Andre chose a hard cover as we have a lot of snow in the Rocky Mountains. This cover keeps everything safe and dry. We also found out that there are a few companies that offer disconnecting racks that can work with the tonneau cover – for even more utility.

Of course, we did not stop there. We also got a large Truck Gear cooler, tie-down straps, and a jump-start kit. All this makes the truck that much more versatile and capable.

Speaking of working with the tonneau cover, we had a problem.

The Ram-Bar (light-bar) we equipped from Mopar created a problem for the installation of the tonneau cover. Fortunately, the folks at NoCo Line-X were able to come up with a solution. They had to trim a few components which makes the release bolts very hard to access in some areas. Still, it was a workable solution that looks epic!

ram rebel rouser led mopar lights
Ram Rebel Rouser – off-roading at night

For those of you who want unencumbered access to your bed, the light bar and folding tonneau may not be for you. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives out there. Some of which we’ll be looking at when TFLtruck heads to SEMA!

In this video, we show you more goodies on top of the spray-in bed-liner and tonneau cover. This includes some great emergency gear and a top-end, plug-in cooler. This truck has more toys than most spoiled brats.

Enjoy the video!

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