What Is the Ford Transit Big Nugget? It’s a European Camper Van Concept Built by Westfalia

Take a look at this floor plan.

Ford Transit Big Nugget RV Westfalia
Ford Transit Big Nugget RV by Westfalia

Here is a new Ford Transit camper van concept designed and built in collaboration with Westfalia. It’s called the ‘Big Nugget’, and it’s an RV van aimed at the European market.

2020 Ford Transit

Westfalia needs no introduction. They have been building camping vans based on different Mercedes, VW, Ford, and other van chassis for decades. The Ford Transit is getting a thorough update for the 2020 model year, so why not make another camper conversion based on the newest Ford?

Westfalia currently builds and sells Nugget RV van conversions based on other smaller Ford vans. You can see several of these Ford Transit Connect and Transit Custom conversions at the Westfalia Ford Nugget site.

This full-size Transit Big Nugget is the latest floor plan that combines a high roof with a place for a large bed, restroom, kitchen and seating for four.

We recently got to test another new Ford Transit RV. It’s a Summit Adventure Van by Transwest. A full walk-around and first drive video is below.