This New ‘Glyder’ Cushioned GenY Hitch Aims to Change the Towing Game (News)

Get a better ride when towing.

2020 geny hitch glyder torsion flex natda
GenY Hitch : Glyder TorsionFlex

This week GenY Hitches is introducing a new cushioned hitch called the Glyder TorsionFlex. GenY has been selling torsion-axle cushioned hitches for some time, but the new Glyder is the most compact cushioned hitch solution that is most useful for half-ton trucks and SUVs, according to GenY.

A torsion axle is able to dampen up and down motion, thus reducing the shock that is transferred from the road into the trailer and to the truck, and vise versa. The hitch has a built-in suspension component inside it.

Here is a an example of the latest GenY Pegasus gooseneck cushioned hitch.

geny hitch pegasus glyder torsion
(photo: Geny Hitch)

We (TFLtruck) have been using GenY adjustable heavy duty hitches for our Ike Gauntletâ„¢ and highway MPG towing tests for several years. We use these hitches because they are height adjustable, able to easily accept a weight distribution attachment, and capable of handing heavy heavy weights. We generally deal with trailer weights up to 14,000 lbs, and GenY hitches can handle much higher loads.

GenY Glyder hitch

GenY Hitch says the new Glyder Torsion-flex hitch will start at $194. It will be on sale soon, but we do not have a precise date at this time.

HD torsion hitch

To learn more about these hitches, check out GenY Hitch website and our video below.