Official: New Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger Trucks Get Factory Approved Suspension Lift with Fox Shocks (News)

Get improved clearance with a warranty.

2019 ford f150 factory approved fox shocks lift
2019 Ford F-150 with a Leveling Kit

Ford the first time ever, Ford Performance Parts is offering a factory approved two-inch leveling kits for their latest pickup trucks – the new Ford F-150 and the Ford Ranger.

Ford F-150

This is basically a two-inch leveling kit for the front suspension that is a dealer-installed option. The kit is available for any four-wheel-drive 2019 Ford Ranger or 2015-2019 Ford F-150 4×4. This kit does not have its own special name, it’s not a rumored F-150 Tremor package. However, it uses aluminum body FOX shocks and special suspension tuning done by Ford.

Ford F-150 with FOX Shocks

As the name implies, the kit levels the front to back height of the 4×4 trucks. Ford says the new kit gives the F-150 crew cab (145-inch wheelbase) a 22% improvement in approach angle and a 7% improvement of breakover angle. This should enable the truck to go further over rough terrain.

Ford did not say that a larger diameter tire could be fitted to go along with this lift, or what a maximum tire diameter can be. This is solely a suspension leveling kit.

The kit price is $1,495 before the dealer installation. The kit comes with Ford Performance Parts limited warranty.

Ford Ranger

The new Ford Ranger can benefit from the a two-inch leveling kit like this as well. The pricing and warranty are the same.

Ford says the lift provides the Ranger with a 21% increase of approach angle and a 10% improvement in breakover angle.

Here is a video off-road test of an aftermarket F-150 suspension leveling kit solution from Falcon Shocks for comparison.