Next 2021 Ford F-150 May Be Even Larger Than the Current Truck (Spied)

We can see a little more detail on this prototype.

Check out this 2021 Ford F-150 prototype parked next to a current F-150 truck? Does the new prototype appear to be larger in nearly every dimension, or is this simply an optical illusion?

The images you see here are courtesy of Will V.

2021 Ford F-150

New trucks keep getting larger in size, but how much bigger can they get? Ford is clearly working on the next version of the its most popular vehicle – the F-150. Will they re-use the existing aluminum cab and bed, or will they update certain body parts and components to make it more cavernous, usable, or improved? The actual answer is somewhere in the middle.

Most spy images of the 2021 prototype show an extended and crew cabs that appear to be largely carry-over from the current F-150. The wheelbase and/or bed may become a bit larger to provide more utility.

Here is our TFLtruck prototype hunting video that shows an F-150 extended cab test truck.

The new F-150 may also become taller to offer more ground clearance and off-road capability. There is an unconfirmed rumor that the next F-150 will get one or two additional off-road packages, in addition to the FX4. Perhaps, a 2021 F-150 Tremor off-road truck?

Naturally, we also expect the 2021 truck to have updated mechanicals. It’s not secret that Ford is planning a gas/electric hybrid F-150. An all-electric F-150 is also in the works, but that will come later.

Here is another prototype video showing a 2021 F-150 prototype towing a sizable trailer in the mountains.