This New 2020 Ford Transit Summit Adventure Van Is First Of Its Kind (Video)

It has a hidden bed, cargo floor, and a kitchen sink.

2020 ford transit summit adventure van
2020 Ford Transit Summit Adventure Van

The new Ford Transit is currently the best selling commercial van on the market. It’s just natural that it’s turned into a cool new overland adventure van. That’s exactly what this 2020 Transit Summit Adventure Van is. Check our all of the equipment and features that are packed into this RV.

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2020 Ford Transit Summit Adventure

There is a new kind of RV in town. It’s an Antero motorhome by Summit Adventure Vans. This is a short wheelbase high roof version of the Transit. Its relatively small footprint allows for great maneuverability and park-ability. It’s small enough to park on most driveways (check your local HOA regulations). The smaller size does not mean that there is little room inside.

This Is also one quick RV. It has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 under the hood with 315 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. This motorhome weighs approximately 7,000 lbs with all the equipment and water weight. Still, the twin-turbo engine gets this Transit 250 series RV up to speed with a brisk acceleration.  It makes it a great overland van for mountainous terrain and higher elevations (such as we have in Colorado).

2020 ford transit rv summit adventure

The Summit van is equipped with a kitchen that includes a sink, convection cooktop, microwave, and several cabinets. The onboard water tank is underneath the sink and completely contained inside the van to prevent it from freezing in colder temperatures. There is an onboard gas-powered heater. There are two seats mounted in the into the floor track system. They have built-in seat belts. The floor track system allow for many cargo tie-down options. There is enough ceiling height to allow me to comfortably stand. I am just over 6’2’’. 

The van’s width is extended in the back to allow taller people to lay down across. The bed is setup manually with a folding mechanism. When the bed is in place, there is still plenty of storage room below it. One thing this van does not have is a built-in bathroom. In the back, there is a water port with a quick connect hose.

In the back, there is a ladder that allows access to the roof-mounted rack system. Plenty of storage up there. On the side there is a motorized awning.

The total price for a fully equipped van like this is around $135,000.  This is not the most affordable van in this class, but it’s also not the most expensive.  A similarly-equipped Sprinter van costs around $10,000 or more.

Check out the full video at the TFLnow Youtube channel.