This Mazda Titan Work Truck Can Be Yours! Carry Two Tons With a Diesel and a 10-Speed

It's a whole other Titan!

This is the 1986 Mazda Titan and it’s available to buy right now in the United States and Canada.
(Image: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

The two-ton Mazda Titan was introduced in 1971 as a replacement for Mazda’s venerable E200. Mazda’s Titan is still being produced today going on to its sixth generation. The original version came with either a 2.5-liter, 2.7-liter diesel or a 2-liter gas engine.

A heavier duty three-ton version of the first generation Titan was provided to the Australian market, known as the Ford Trader.

This 1986 model is a second generation model that had a 2.0, 2.5 and 3-liter four cylinder engine option. A six-cylinder ZB diesel engine was available as well. The dual range or Two Way Shift 10-speed transmission was the only transmission offered.

There is some slight rust and bumper damage on this example. (Photo:
Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

A bus version of the Mazda Titan was offered during its second generation. In other markets, various versions of the Mazda Titan became box trucks, fixed pickup or flatbed trucks and wreckers – among others.

This MAZDA ad for the second generation Mazda Titan shows the “Two Way Shift” transmission in action – sort of.

The Mazda Titan was popular overseas and, over several generations, various partnerships for production were created. These included Isuzu and Kia. There was even a licensed production version built in India by
Swaraj Mazda.

These Mazdas are lauded for being robust and reliable. Keep in mind, if you wish to buy this example, it’s right hand drive. (Photo:
Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

This slightly well-used example has 84,031 kilometers (52,214 miles) on the ticker and is offered by Duncan Imports and Classic Cars for $7,999.

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars)

Speaking of unique diesels…

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