These 4×4 ‘Brush Trucks’ Are Big, Bigger, and Biggest: Ford, International, and Ram

These trucks pack lots of fire fighting might.

skeeter brush trucks 2020 international CV Silverado 6500 kodiak
2020 International CV Brush Truck (photo: Skeeter Brush Trucks)

Take a look at these three newest 4×4 “brush trucks”. Which one do you like the most? Is it an International CV/Chevy Silverado HD 6500, or a Ram HD 5500, or a Ford F-550?

If big trucks are great, then bigger 4×4 fire fighting trucks are even better! The trucks you see here are converted and outfitted by Skeeter Brush Trucks. All images shown here are by Skeeter Brush Trucks.

These trucks need to get to a remote area quickly and deliver people, water, fire-fighting foam, and other equipment. These trucks have massive grille guards, loads of ground clearance, extra under-body protection, specialized beds, and more.

Ford F-550

This is a diesel-powered F-550 crew cab 4×4 that is riding on a 6-inch lift and giant tires. Trucks like this have 400-450 gallon poly/foam tank capacities. Under the hood is a commercial grade 6.7L turbo-diesel that is connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

International CV / Silverado HD

This International CV is a collaboration with GM and their Silverado HD 4500/5500/6500 lineup of commercial trucks. This is a crew cab 4×4 model with a bit of a lift and massive tires. It might just be the tallest and largest truck among these three.

Under the hood is a commercial 6.6L turbo-diesel V8 that is mated to a 6-speed automatic.

Ram 5500

This new 2019 Ram HD 5500 might be a short two-door cab, but it’s still a lifted 4×4 truck that is more maneuverable than some of the other monsters.

This truck has a straight-six 6.7L turbo diesel and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

If you like these 4×4 brush trucks, then you will love this 6×6 fire fighting beast!