The 1984 Suzuki Mighty Boy May Just Be the Smallest Pickup Truck Of Them All! For Sale in the U.S.

This bad boy makes 27.6 horspower.

1984 Suzuki Mighty Boy (Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars )

Built for the Japanese market, and exported to countries like Australia, the Suzuki Mighty Boy was a diminutive car-based pickup (or “ute”) that was produced from 1983 to 1988. Based on a front-engine, front-drive vehicle’s platform, it has a solid beam rear end suspended by tiny, little leaf springs.

Powered by a three-cylinder 543 cc engine that made (approximately) 27.6 horsepower and about 31.7 lbs-feet of torque, the Suzuki Mighty Boy is front-drive only. A four-speed manual transmission was standard and a two-speed automatic was optional. Other versions offered a five-speed manual transmission.

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars )

The Suzuki Mighty Boy is a Kei-class truck that weighs a bit less than 1,300 lbs. It had a bed length of just under two feet (23.62-inches long). Fortunately, that length expands to over three feet with the tailgate lowered. It has a maximum payload of 970-lbs (440 kg) – which is impressive for such a small vehicle.

Towing was not one of the Mighty Boy’s strong suits, it could tow up to 660-lbs (300 kg). There are accounts of farmers in the Outback torturing the diminutive pickup truck pulling nearly 1,000-lbs. I’m sure these accounts were followed by catastrophic engine or transmission failure.

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars )

Aside from its external cargo area, there is a fairly large parcel space behind the seats that can hold a keg of… fluid – based on the author’s experience. Yes, I drove one of these overseas in 1992. It was slow, tight and kind of fun to toss around corners. The platform is easily upset on harsh roads and power under load was – poor.

The Suzuki Mighty Boy was also one of the least expensive vehicles on the market costing about $5,800 (Australian dollars) in 1984.

You can read an Australian review from 1984 (here).

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars )

This extremely clean example offered by Duncan Imports and Classic Cars has 39,893 miles and is offered for $6,999. Yes, that’s for buyers in the United States and Canada. Good news: you can legally buy one now – as long as you’re okay with right-hand drive.

This could be a fun and unique investment. You WILL stand out at “Cars and Coffee.” With fuel consumption floating around 42 mpg (based on converting liters per 100 km) – this is a much more frugal choice than a $65,000 diesel 1/2-ton pickup. Easier to park too.

(Photo: Duncan Imports and Classic Cars )

Speaking of Suzuki…

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