Is This an All Electric 2021 Ford F-150 Prototype with a Honda Gas-Powered Generator On the Back? (Spied)

Why carry a gasoline generator?

2021 ford f150 prototype electric honda generator
2021 Ford F-150 prototype (photo: Ryan Edwards)

We have seen several different new Ford F-150 prototype recently, but this one is the most odd and puzzling. This crew cab test truck has a bed topper with what appear to be an RV-style air conditioning unit on top and a Honda 3000 watt gas generator on the back. What is going on here?

2021 Ford F-150 Prototype

Ford recently published a video of an all-electric F-150 prototype towing 1.25 million pounds worth of train cars. Now, this unique looking prototype is spied on a public street.

Electric motors, inverters, and batteries are known to produce heat when under heavy load, but why such an air conditioning setup? Also, carrying a gasoline-powered generator on the back of what may be an electric truck is simply ironic.

If this test truck is indeed attempting to cool down some electric components, then the generator may make sense to simply power the roof-mounted AC unit. It’s unlikely, that this relatively little generator is acting as a range extender for such a big truck.

Here is another look at other new Ford F-150 prototypes testing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.