How I Use My Truck: These Ford F-150 Pickups Work and Play Hard

Here are the truck stories you submitted to us.

2014 ford f-150 long haul
2014 Ford F-150 (photo: Brentt C.)

We put out a call for you to tell us what you do with your pickup trucks.

Here are three Ford F-150 pickup trucks that work and play hard. These are the trucks, images, and stories that you submitted to us.

Long Hauler

This 2014 Ford F-150 crew cab belongs to Brentt C. It’s a work truck that mainly does “pilot truck” duty for over-sized loads all over North America. This truck has 467,931 km or 290,000 miles on the clock and still going strong.

I like that the truck has large towing mirrors and body appears to be in very good shape.

Heavy Hauler

This 2018 Ford F-150 belongs to Shawn M. This truck is equipped with a 5th-wheel hitch, which it fairly rare for a half-ton truck. This crew cab has a longer 6.5-foot bed option, which allows extra clearance when turning with this trailer.

Toy Hauler

Tom M. has this 2012 Ford F-150 that hauls toys. Sometimes it’s carrying an ATV in the back. Sometimes it’s towing a small boat, and often it does both.

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