What If The Ford Raptor Was Available in a King Ranch Edition?

Would you buy a Ford Raptor King Ranch?

Ford Raptor King Ranch (rendering: Eric Chung)

What if there was a King Ranch version of the new Ford Raptor? Do you think Ford would sell more trucks if the F-150 Raptor was available in different trim levels?

Thanks to Eric Chung for providing this rendering.

Ford Raptor

The current 2019 Ford Raptor received several updates recently, but the exterior looks have remained the same since the 2nd-generation truck came out in 2017.

The rendering you see here show the new Raptor with newer 2018 Ford F-150 front grille and headlight design. On top of that, the truck is shown with the King Ranch grille and wheel options.

There is no doubt that Ford is preparing exterior and interior updates for the F-150 Raptor. There are also rumors that the Raptor will get a V8 option or options for the Raptor. There are separate reports that the updated Raptor will have a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 or a 7.3-liter V8. We do not have any official word on this yet.

What do you think? Should Ford offer the Raptor in several trim levels: Raptor Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum?

The current Raptor has its own unique look and design. Raptors come with different optional equipment. The base Ford Raptor has a more simple interior, and a fully-optioned truck has Recaro seats, upscale interior technology, and a panoramic sunroof among options.

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